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10 Foods to Eat on a Sirtfood Diet, So Eat Up.

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( The list of foods to eat and recipes to try on a Sirtfood diet still remain a hot topic among weight loss groups and dietitians. The thought of losing weight with dark chocolate and wine seems fascinating and that’s why many fitness enthusiasts are following the sirtfood diet. In order to make your weight loss journey easier, here are foods you can eat on a sirtfood diet.

For starters, the sirtfood diet is a two-week plan which can be extended as needed. During the first week, the goal is to limit calorie intake to 1000 calories a day. You can do so by eating one sirtfood rich meal and three sirtfood green juices a day. During the second week, calorie intake is increased to 1500 calories a day. The changes in diet plan require two sirtfood rich meals and two green juices a day for a week.


Red Onions:   

Red onions are a rich source of quercetin, a sirtuin-activating nutrient. They are also helpful in neutralizing cancer cell growth and reduce body inflammation. It would be good if you include red onions in a sirtfood diet for weight loss.


Studies suggest that broccoli has anti-aging compounds including metformin, sirtuins, and rapamycin. These compounds are also known to be involved in increasing energy levels in the human body.


Many studies and scientific investigations have found that enzyme Sirt1 or Sirtuin 1, has a key role in longevity and this sirtuin is also behind lifespan extension. Strawberries have been found to energize cells that improve memory.


The School of Pharmacy of the University of Eastern Finland and the National Institute of Aging, United States teamed up for research and published their report suggesting the effect of anthocyanins on sirtuin 6 or Sir6. According to the study, blackberry pigments hold anti-aging benefits as well.


Apart from being one of the best sirtuin activator foods for your sirtfood diet plan, the fiber present in apples helps keep you full for a long time. Meaning that if you’re on a sirtfood diet for weight loss, apple’s sirtuin compound will not only help you keep your diet plan on track, you will also get other health benefits such as lower cholesterol and high fiber.


Sirtuins are the type of genes in your body that modulate several functions such as metabolism, cell growth, and longevity. Sirtuins target the activity of genes in metabolism and beyond. Sirtuin activator foods like parsley do your body a big favor.


With their antioxidant properties, walnuts can easily prevent hepatic apoptosis induced by a high fat diet (HFD). Walnuts are also rich in sirtuin and not only help in fine-tuning neurogenesis, but also help in improving metabolism.


For anyone planning to lose weight, fibers are important to keep the body healthy and improve metabolism. While being a good sirtuin activator food, cocoa is also rich in fiber. Fibers present in cocoa beans have been shown to significantly improve the LDL and HDL ratio in the body reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes.


Ginger is a widely consumed spice and is beneficial in fighting obesity. According to scientists, it has strong compounds that fight against metabolic disorders. Ginger also is a sirtuin activator food, so if you’re fasting or are following a sirtfood diet for weight loss, the sirtuin present in ginger tells the body to burn more fat.


Chillies are known for reducing weight and play a key role in improving metabolism. They also increase body temperature resulting in reduced fat accumulation. If you are on a sirtfood diet, chilly is a great sirtuin activator and can be added to your diet plan.

There is no set plan for people interested in maintaining a sirtfood diet for longer periods. So, this list of sirtfoods which should help you achieve your weight loss goals.

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