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How to Tie a Tie? 6 Tie Knots to Level up Your Style.

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( Men want to communicate their sense of style and what could be better than a necktie with a unique tie knot? The most common knot that people around the world prefer is known as the Full Windsor knot.

To tie a tie, place it around the neck with the wider side of it hanging a little lower than the normal. Take the wide end and bring it over the narrow end from right to left. Now bring the wide end through the gap between your neck and tie. Wrap the wide end around the tie from behind and hold it high and again let it slide through the gap. Now wrap the wide end across the tie from the front and again bring the wide end up and let it slide through the knot this time. Tighten the knot and center the tie with both hands.

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Following are some of the unique tie knots you can try for a style upgrade.

  1. The Eldredge Knot

This knot definitely has that magnetic flair, no matter if you like it or not. Tying this knot with a solid black tie and black suit gives a unique look. It serves to catch more attention and is absolutely a must-try for those who try unique tie knots and other stuff.

Eldredge knot tips: When trying the Eldredge knot, make sure to check the length of the tie because this knot requires many moves that need a lot of fabric. Most suitable for casual meetings, celebrations, and parties.

  1. Christensen Knot

The Cross Knot or Christensen Knot consists of two overlapped fabric layers at the top creating an elegant looking “X” shape. If you find the Eldredge knot too much for an occasion and are looking for a unique tie knot to wear for an interview or a formal setting, this knot is perfect.

Christensen knot tips: When trying Christensen knot, make sure to place two fingers on the knot as you wrap. Do not tighten too much so that you can have the tie knot loose enough to make room for the wide end to slide through it in the end.

  1. The Pratt Knot

This classy looking tie knot is attractive and can make any dress look great. The Pratt knot is also known as the Shelby knot and looks perfect on wide neckties. One must pay extra attention to the fabric as the Pratt knot looks best on light fabric. Some may find it similar to the classic half-Windsor knot, this one is smaller and gives a totally unique look.

Pratt knot tips: It’s important to begin tying the Pratt knot from the wide end because the tie will look too short. So, make sure to choose a tie with a good wide length.’

  1. The Matrix or the Merovingian Knot

The Merovingian knot is also popularly known as the Matrix knot became a go-to style for many when the Matrix movie series came. Very few people know that the Merovingian knot was known as the Ediety knot and is one of the most stylish and unique tie knots. It gives a unique look to the person wearing it as it looks like the tie itself is wearing another tie, a smaller one.

The Merovingian knot tips: This stylish tie knot gives you a rebellious look in terms of fashion. Do not hesitate in picking a printed tie with dots or small checkered designs on it. It will look good.

  1. Double four in hand knot

The double four in hand knot is well-known for its simplicity and elegance. This versatile tie knot is unique in many ways. It’s slightly asymmetric shape looks very attractive when paired with high-neck shirts. The tie knot is perfect for those looking to wear something different for a social gathering or a party.

The double four in hand knot tips: Instead of putting on casual or fancy outfits, make sure to create the right balance of minimalism and formality. The knot may not feel complicated, it is important to choose the right necktie. The standard and thick neckties would be perfect.

  1. Kelvin Knot

A smart variation of the popular Oriental knot, the Kelvin knot is a sleek, slightly asymmetrical, small tie knot. It blends perfectly with almost every type of fabric. The interesting fact about this knot is that by looping the end one more time, you can tie an oriental knot. If you want to keep the tie length shorter, then you should go that way.

Kelvin knot tips: Because the Kelvin knot gives quite a sleek look, choosing a thickener tie would be better so that you can easily balance out the length. The best thing about this knot is that it gives an opportunity to showcase your taste of style depending on the necktie you choose.

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