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9 Things That Make You Feel Happy All The Time.

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( Happiness is a state of mind that you attain especially when you do something that you like. Happiness has a different definition for each person and thus it totally depends on person to person as to what makes them happy. At times a small thing may bring a smile on a person’s face while at times even a big thing fails to make a person happy. Thus for each individual happiness is different however there are certain things which are common for everyone and let us look at some of these factors that can increase the happiness quotient or can make someone smile.

Start your day with a good dose of gratitude

As soon as you get up in the morning believe that you are lucky and thankful for whatever you have in life. Once you get up in the morning spend time in recalling all that you have and feel grateful.

Do a good deed

It takes nothing to be nice and good to someone and this is something that we all can do. Promise yourself that each day you will do well to someone; one or two people which can be as simple as calling them up and praising them for what and who they are. It takes literally nothing to do a good dead and you can be nice to one and help them with something.

Stay happy

It is the most important ingredient of life which you need to practice all the time. All you need is to smile and stay happy and see how things change around you and this attitude will bring a lot of happiness in your life too.

Learn something new

We all can learn something new every day and can be happy about it. After all learning has nothing to do with age and thus whatever age we are in we should learn something new whether it be food, skill, language or anything else. This achievement of something new builds our confidence and brings a big smile on our face.

Bond your relations with friends and family

It takes nothing but just few moments to show that you care and love your friends and family. Do take out some time and reach out your friends and family persons on a regular interval and let them know that you care for them. This will not only strengthen your relationships with them but will also bring a big smile on your face that you are connected and people are around and with you.

Take some alone time

At times we get too busy in our life with professional and personal commitments that we start neglecting self which is not right. Always take out some time for self and talk to yourself. Go for a long walk alone and spend time with self and see and recognise who you are, what you are and what do you want and seek answers to those questions and this will make you happy that you listen to self and are taking good care.

Do what you like

Always engage in the activity or something that you love as it is important for you to being happy. Doing something that you are passionate about or that brings happiness to you is something that should be done often as it brings positivity in your life and makes you happy.

Invest in health

Remember your health is your wealth and thus it is important to stay healthy and active. Each day get up and exercise and go for walks and see that you have a healthy body and mind. It is your body and health which will reap its dividends some day and this is something that you should be aware of all the time.

Get enough rest

Whatever you are busy with whether it is your work or something else do take some time out and take rest. After all a healthy mind is the key to everything and thus it is advised that you should get enough sleep for 6-8 hours each day. When you rest your body gets relaxed and when you get up you are fully charged to take on your life. Thus it makes you happy and smiling all the time.


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