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No More Thinning Strands: 5 Easy Ways to Make Your Hair Stronger.

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(ThyBlackMan,com) Whether you’re experiencing thinning, breakage, or you’re losing your edges — hair loss can be detrimental to your self-esteem.

Understanding how to make hair roots strong can help with all of these issues, restoring your self-esteem and boosting your confidence. Read on to learn 5 ways to make your hair stronger.

1. Diet, Diet, Diet

Studies have shown diet has a huge effect on healthy hair growth. You need to ensure your diet has all the nutrients your hair needs to be strong. First, you need to ensure you have enough protein in your diet.

Hair follicles actually consist mostly of protein, so a protein deficit can cause hair to thin. Protein-rich foods that could help include eggs, lean meats, greens, and fish like salmon or mackerel. 

As well as protein, your hair also needs vitamins and minerals to be healthy. This includes Vitamin A, B, C, D, and E, as well as iron and zinc. You can find these in the following foods:

  • Iron: red meat, spinach, and some shellfish
  • Zinc: beef, and some shellfish
  • Vitamin A: root vegetables and dairy
  • Vitamin B: dairy products, nuts, and salmon
  • Vitamin C: Citrus fruits
  • Vitamin D: fortified dairy products and egg yolk
  • Vitamin E: spinach, avocado, and almonds

If adding all these various foods to your diet to meet your hair’s nutritional requirements sounds like a lot of work, don’t worry. There are hair vitamins available packed full of all these vitamins that make it easy. See SugarBear Hair’s site for more information on hair vitamins. 

2. Castor Oil

Great for thinning hair, or if you’re looking to grow your edges back, castor oil is ideal for natural hair. You can buy it at most health stores.

Simply rub castor oil onto your edges or across your whole scalp and then massage in. It’s great to do this just before bed. Not only because it’s relaxing, but also because sleep is when our bodies restore the most.

3. More Massages

Research has shown that scalp massages in general may help improve root health. A daily 4-minute scalp massage can help increase blood flow to your hair follicles, helping hair growth.

Apply pressure in small circular motions with your fingertips, on wet or dry hair, whichever suits your routine. Alternatively, buy a scalp massager.

4. Hot Oil Treatment

Hot oil treatments are ideal for thinning hair, as well as nourishing and strengthening hair strands. They’re all-natural and work by sealing your hair cuticle. This locks moisture in and stops hair strands from becoming dry and brittle, which helps prevent breakage. You can use a hot oil product from Allurium Beauty for a much better result.

5. Change up Your Hair Washing Routine

We’re not saying to stop washing your hair, as a neglected scalp can also cause problems! But many men wash their hair daily, which can dry out and weaken the hair shaft as it strips the hair of its natural oil too regularly. You only need a small amount of shampoo, about the size of a quarter, massaged in at the roots.

When rinsing, although it might sound uncomfortable for the rest of your body, rinse with cool water! Shower steam can open up hair cuticles, resulting in drier hair that’s more prone to breakage. To avoid this, rinse with lukewarm water to help your hair retain moisture.

How to Make Hair Roots Strong

Don’t expect immediate results. All these methods for how to make hair roots strong will take a while to see results from.

While you wait, there are plenty of more health articles to read on our site.

Staff Writer; Carl Parker

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