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Seven Fun Styling Tips for Shorter Afro Hair.

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( So you’ve found yourself in that dreaded awkward hair phase where it’s not too long but not really short either. It’s already Sunday night, and you’re trying to figure out how to style your hair for the workweek. What now?

Don’t worry! Even if you think your afro hair is too short to style, there are plenty of options to create a comfortable and manageable look.

  1. Finger Coils

Although this option is somewhat time-consuming, you’ll end up with well-defined curls, making it time well spent. If you prefer to avoid twisting or braiding your hair, this is a great, hassle-free style that only requires the use of your fingers and widely available styling products.

Before styling, wash your hair as usual, but do not completely dry it off. Apply natural curl cream to your damp hair and separate it into sections. Next, simply use your finger to twirl the hair from each section individually until all hair has been twirled.

At this point, let your coils dry out and absorb the product. Once dry, try stretching coils individually or separate them out to add definition and a volume boost. The style should hold for about a week.

  1. Side Part

Are you looking to test out a different style on your shorter afro hair and want to avoid the time and hassle of going all-in on a more complex style? A side part is a great solution, and it takes just a couple minutes.

Start by washing your hair as you normally would and moisturize using your favorite product. Next, apply a hair oil generously throughout. Now simply part your hair using a straight hair comb or afro pick in your desired part location. You’ll want to apply a maximum-hold gel (ideally one that is all-natural and will not leave residue) on either side of the part. To ensure the part holds, insert a few clips to keep hair in place and blow-dry the roots. Once the hair is firm, slide out the clips and show off your new do!

  1. Braid-out/Twist-out

If you’re willing to invest a little time and patience in trying out a new style, a braid/twist-out can be a great choice for short afro hair. You’ll end up with a protective yet funky style with fun patterns once the twists are unwound.

The perfect braid/twist-out always starts with a good haircare routine. Relatively frail or dry hair can damage when twisting. Taking care of your hair is always a good first step before styling.

Start by washing your hair as you normally would and then just blot it dry. You don’t want to completely dry it out as damp hair will twist more easily. Once blotted, detangle your strands, moisturize fully, and then separate hair into sections before twisting.

If your hair is too damp after twisting due to too much product or moisture, the twists won’t stay in place, so it’s always a good idea to allow your hair to dry and wrap it up before you lay down in bed.

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  1. Puff It Up

Yes, you can achieve a great puff with short afro hair, and you won’t need to spend hours in front of the mirror to get it right either.

The puff is a practical style that only requires a comb, a head tie, and some moisture and hair oil.

Start with just a few sprays of moisture around the edges of your hair (too much won’t allow you to effectively style), and then apply a liberal amount of oil at the base, gradually working it into your hair. Next, brush up your hair according to how the puff should be positioned. Lastly, take an elastic head tie and stretch it across the front of your head. Then pull the band towards the back of your head and cross it at the ends. Pull the ends of the band to tighten it and anchor hair in place.

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  1. The Pixie Cut

This popular style is actually very easy to manage and pull off even with shorter afro hair. To really make the style stand out, you can also try trimming the sides or going for a fade, undercut, or pattern.

As with other styles, a good pixie cut is reliant on keeping up a good haircare routine, which includes proper moisturization as much of the pixie cut look is centered on curling your hair. Dry and/or weak strands will prevent you from curling or twisting it to your liking, and it can also cause breakage.

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