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Adjusting Your Home for Later Life: A Short Guide.

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( As we head into later life, we want to make sure that we can maintain our independence at the same time as staying safe as our bodies work a little slower than they did when we were in our youth. This means being able to adjust our homes for a slower way of life, with safety as a paramount concern. As such, this article is concerned with the key ways in which you can make your home safer for elderly people – ensuring they can live independently for longer.


One of the simplest ways to change your home to help elderly people is by fitting handrails. Of course, a handrail will provide a useful place of balance for the elderly, who sometimes suffer falls as a reaction to sudden dizziness or fatigue. Having handrails around the house can help steady the elderly, avoiding painful falls.

It’s incredibly easy to fit handrails in your home – and this is something that you can do without the help of a professional. Simply buy the rails online, and the Cheap key clamp fittings that you’ll need to fix them onto your home’s walls. Make sure the rail is fitted snugly and securely so that it’s as safe as possible.


Another way in which you can prepare your home for later life is to fit an alarm system. In fact, you may be interested in setting more than one alarm system, depending on your priorities. The two main alarm systems will help you:

  • Deter thieves from your property by increasing your home security
  • Inform family members or emergency services if you become unwell in your home

These two systems – with different aims at keeping you safe – are wonderful for peace of mind in the home of elderly people.


One of the most significant and most expensive changes that you’ll make to your home when you’re preparing for later life is in your bathroom. This is a place where you’re most likely to slip, fall and hurt yourself – and where you’re likely to find that baths and showers become harder and harder to get into and out of.

What’s called for here is a complete change in your bathroom fittings, with a floor on which you can be confident you won’t fall, and a walk-in shower that’ll ensure there’s nothing to trip up on when you’re getting washed in your home.


The other expensive fitting in your home, which will help you avoid buckled knees and the most painful of falls, is on your staircase. Fitting an electric staircase – a chair which takes you up your stairs, affixed to the wall – is an expensive addition to a home, but will keep older people safe on the stairs.

You’ll need to call in a professional company to help you get one of these installed in your home. It’s an upfront cost which may alarm you, but if you want to live in a multi-story home, this is imperative.

Use these tips to inform your household adjustments when you’re making your home fit for elderly people in the future.

Staff Writer; Bobby Jones

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