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Modern-Day Lynchings.

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( I’m outraged, sickened, and heartbroken about the intentional suffocation of Mr. George Floyd, a black man. Such detestable actions by police officers are nothing less than a modern-day lynching. The long-term misguided demonization to people of color and the apparent reason for such loose cannon actions is unwarranted fear and hatred, which is at the root of these atrocities.

Murders upon people of color have gone on since the times of slavery. What’s the excuse that police maim and kill under the guise of the law, and reason for emboldening behavior? Now that the world can see racism has not been an over-exaggeration, will anything change? When you’re not the one on the receiving end of such despicable brutalities over your lifetime, you wouldn’t believe that the problem is so significant. The videos are only the tip of the iceberg. Which means there’s more not brought to light.

If you care to look, read, and self educate, Moors had traveled to North America long before Columbus, who was lost.

Moors were the indigenous Muslim people of Maghrebine Berbers, which is Northern Africa. About 711, the Black Muslim Moors then sailed to conquer Hispania, modern-day Spain, and Portugal. In 827, they took over Mazara on Sicily and occupied the rest of the island soon after. The Moors-African and Arab Muslims were well educated and wrote in Arabic. They arrived more than 100 years before any Protestants. There have been numerous artifacts, and stonework found of men with broad noses and thick lips. The Native Americans were comfortable with Black people for a reason.

Leif Erikson, the nordic explorer, may have arrived in Canada around 500 years before Columbus was born. Keep in mind that Columbus was Spanish and sent by the Spanish crown to Asia for riches of spices, stones, and gold. We all know that Columbus was lost when he arrived at the North American shores, thinking he was in India.

America’s history has been written mostly by white institutions in Boston and miswritten. History is what makes a society what it is. Those parts of history are selected to make their form of government and morals dominant—hoping to minimize the strength, intelligence, know-how, our genealogy, and heritage of Black people. To keep people of color subservient. The loss of this control is what’s feared.

There’s no race of people that came to America by force and as beasts of burden than Black people. Everyone else migrated here by choice. And no people have been under tyranny and strife for over 400 years but Black people. What will it take for our nation to respect and accept the many cultures and ethnicities? We are all one race. That’s the human race.

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