Gropey Joe Biden Thinks He’s an Expert On What Minorities Should Think.

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( Old Grandpa Badfinger is the go-to source for many things: how to raise an awesome achiever kid like his snortunate son Hoover, how to not awkwardly molest women in Senate corridors, and how to not be manifestly senile. But, as my unicorn Chet recently observed, his greatest contribution may be as the mentor to black America. Recently, in an interview with someone called “Charlemagne tha God,” the sinewy old weirdo opined that “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black. The guy who is now assuming the mantle of arbiter of defining “What is black?” is the same guy who spends most mornings looking around his basement for his lost slipper.

Now, Democrats have a long history of telling black people how to think, but even for the Party of Bull Connor this was an Edmund Pettus Bridge too far. Mr. tha God himself was taken aback by the crusty candidate’s bizarre riff, dismissing this ham-handed ploy to make the election about Trump instead of about how the Democrats have shafted the black community. Now, putting aside the notion of whether any election should be about any particular “community,” even under that dubious premise Biden fails just like he has failed at everything else. What has the Democratic Party done for any minority community lately besides demand utter fealty and deliver nothing?

After all, it wasn’t Trump who was president (or vice president) from 2009-2017. It was Trump who took the wretched job numbers for minority Americans inherited from the Obama-Biden years and was giving us the best minority unemployment numbers since the government started keeping count right up until a bunch of ChiCom pangolin poachers temporarily wrecked everything. So, the real question is who can pull us out of this tailspin: the guy who has spent 100 percent of his three years in office succeeding, or the guy who spent 100 percent of his nearly half a century in office failing? It’s fair to ask why anyone might rationally expect an inept crustacean like Biden to do a 180 and suddenly stop being useless for the first time ever come January 2021.

The fact is that Democrats are terrified about polls showing that more and more minority Americans are realizing that the Democratic Party totally takes them for granted. Every election cycle it’s the same – more condescending sucking-up and more promises of a few more scraps tossed out of the limo libs’ windows as the candidates of pallor pull away from the black church parking lots, glad not to have to pretend to believe in Jesus and cop their cracked Hattie McDaniel accents again until the next election cycle.

It’s occurring to millions of black Americans that the people they keep voting for are laughing at them, which, to be fair, is a vast improvement on what Democrats used to do to black Americans. If just 15 percent of black Americans ditch the Dems, the Dems are done.h

The simple and undeniable fact is that the Democrats run their mouths and Trump runs an economy that – bat biter flu aside – gives everyone a chance to make it. Trump, the alleged racist, is the guy who has kept the Democrats’ promises for them.

Other minority groups are seeing the same thing. Hispanic Americans want opportunity. They are seeing that Democrats do not want them proud, independent or prosperous. Happy people are not the Socialist Lite target demographic. Asian Americans, who for some unfathomable reason had been moving toward the Democrats, are seeing that the racial spoils system the Dems want to impose is designed to make sure that their children can’t get into college. In California, the once-great UC system is doing away with reliance on objective tests like the SAT for admission because too many Asian kids work too hard and do too well, in the view of the formerly golden Golden State’s Dem regime.

But the Democrats have always had a special relationship with black Americans – “special” in the sense that it was especially horrible and abusive. Leaving aside the whole Democrat-initiated Civil War over Democrat slavery, the Democrat-founded KKK, and Democrat-imposed Jim Crow tyranny (a history they are still trying to rewrite today), Democrats still think that they owned a monopoly on black American votes. Oh, they feign concern.  Remember how Joe Biden warned black America of the peril posed by … Mitt Romney? Now, Biden seeks to instruct black Americans on who is legit black because of course he would think he should do that.

Biden is the Great White Dope.

The racial crap the Dems push is all stupid, and every day more people see it.

Here’s a new idea. It’s kind of radical, and it’s been pushed by non-mainstream thinkers like, well, Martin Luther King, Jr.

How about we judge people by the content of their character instead of where their great-great-great-great-great grandfather came from?

But until then, at least black America has Joe Biden to tell black Americans what to think and do – gee, I guess Biden really is a traditional Democrat after all.

Written by Kurt Schlichter

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