Coronavirus: Who is Wearing the Mask?

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( From the beginning of this crisis, the Surgeon General of the United States has lied to America, disarming people and therefore allowing them to get infected and the virus to spread. If you have or can get a mask, n95 or otherwise, get it and wear it. Social distancing and washing hands will not stop an airborne contagion that stays in the air for hours. That is what the government has not been telling you and a big part of why this deadly virus is spreading. And my agency’s crisis response team said this weeks ago ( You have been deceived. Now you are about to hear the verifiable truth and find out who wears the masks.

First the Surgeon General said stop buying masks because they were ineffective against the Coronavirus. But that wasn’t true because the Coronavirus is airborne and enters through the nasal passages by way of the nose as well as from touching surfaces containing the viruses, sneezes and coughs. One sneeze can deposit 100,000 droplets in the air that stay there for three hours or longer. Therefore a person could sneeze and you walk by that area 2 hours later but the vapor droplets are still in the air and you could get infected. But the “experts” didn’t tell you that. A mask would help prevent those droplets from entering into your nose.

Second, the Surgeon General told America to stop buying masks so the masks would be available for the healthcare workers. And that they were not needed for the average citizen. Both of these were deceptions as well because Citizens need to be protected or the virus could spread faster. And healthcare workers begging for masks all over the country did not even receive the masks from the federal government that collected them.

The Director of the CDC stated the masks were needed for healthcare workers too. However the federal government stockpiled all the masks they could get and then released very few of them, even though President Trump said they were available weeks ago. Lack of masks caused many first-responders and healthcare workers and even doctors and nurses to get infected and some have died already.

If social distancing and hand washing worked well, America would not be number 1 in the world for reported cases of COVID-19.

Instead of sending the masks out to the health care workers, doctors and frontline First Responders, the federal government kept most of the masks and PPE then told the doctors to    re-use unsanitary equipment again and again or to put bandanas over their faces. And as for ventilators, New York had over 20,000 cases (more than any other state) when their Governor asked for thousand of ventilators but the federal government only sent them 400.


Thirdly, the Surgeon General stated that an improperly worn mask could increase the chances of citizens getting the Coronavirus. But why didn’t he just tell people how to wear the masks properly? And the instructions are on the package in most cases.  You don’t just tell a person not to buy a car improperly because they could have an accident. You tell them the proper way to drive a car.

Fourth, the Surgeon General said that masks should not be used by citizens but rather for those who are sick to keep them from spreading their terms. But that was not completely true either. Less than a week after he made that statement, the president of the United States announced that he had ordered 40 million masks from the 3M company. And less than a week from that, the vice president went to Minnesota to the 3M mask factory and put in an order for 35 million masks per month until further notice. These masks were not going to be given to people who are sick but rather healthcare workers who needed to avoid getting the Coronavirus. So the Surgeon General lied yet again about who the masks should primarily be used for to be effective because he contradicted himself.

Because so many people in the medical and healthcare industry as well as First Responders and citizens believed the Surgeon General, they did not buy or stock up on masks. Now they don’t have any protection. And it is likely that most of you don’t either.


In 1918 when the Spanish Flu that killed over 50 million people worldwide hit America, some cities even instructed police officers to shoot citizens in the street who refused to wear masks. And police officers were issued masks. Sadly today people are ignorant in America to the fact that you need to wear a mask. I am not suggesting shooting people in the streets today, but there needs to be much more enforcement of safety protocols in every city and state. And yes we should be under Martial law already, especially when America is now number 1 (ahead of China) in recorded cases of COVID-19. Unless the powers that be want this to spread.


While the Surgeon General was telling people not to buy masks, he was allowing time for the federal government to buy all of them up and hold onto most of them. Citizens, healthcare workers and First Responders are getting sick and dying but have little to no masks.

Finally the so-called “experts” and the federal Coronavirus task force did not say anything about carriers who never show symptoms but still infect the public. Nor did they say anything about re-infection. and it took quite some time before they even admitted that the Coronavirus was an airborne.

If people are getting infected who have not been around people sneezing and coughing, that means COVID-19 is spreading in many different ways, and likely mutating or adapting in order to survive.

Their largely ineffective tips of washing hands and social distancing apparently did not work because the virus is still spreading and America is now number one in the number of reported cases in the world.

If you thought COVID-19 was a hoax, it isn’t. If you think social distancing and washing hands are very effective solutions to protect you, they are not. If you think you can’t get infected or infect someone else, you can. If you think young people are not getting sick, being hospitalized and even dying from COVID-19, they are.

If you think inhaling hot water or these other internet solutions will cure you, unfortunately it is not that simple. If you think you don’t need to wear a mask, you do. If you think the federal government ask force is telling you everything you need to know, they aren’t. If you are expecting the government to take care of you, wake up. It’s up to you.

Go to to download 20 real safety precautions and details by clicking the button on the left side of the home page. Spread the word please. And if you have a mask or can get one, n95 or not, wear it. This is a case where the public (you) must be responsible for public safety. Police officers, firefighters and doctors are getting sick from COIVD-19 so the safety of your family is up to you. Who is really wearing the mask?

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw