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Why Do Handful Of Black People Love And Defend White Bigotry.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) My educational background is in psychology, so ever since Donald Trump has been in office I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about Black conservatives, or what I call Black bigot huggers. While these people are relatively rare among Black people, I’ve run across a significant number of them online. Some are high-profile, like Ben Carson, “Diamond and Silk”, and Candace Owens, and others are more obscure, like a gentleman I ran across by the name of CJ Goode III, but what they all have in common is a rabid devotion to White bigots.
At one point I thought their dysfunction was the result of a traumatic experience in their lives, but that explanation didn’t hold up, because most Black people have endured negative experiences in life, yet it didn’t disrupt their capacity for logical thought and simple common sense. So I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a mental illness. They were born that way, and I call their pathology “The White Idolatry Complex”.
Most Black people know by nature that White bigots suffer from a severe insecurity which causes them to desperately embrace a delusion of superiority in order to comfort their lack of self-esteem, so recognizing that fact, the average Black person simply work around them, much like when they’re dealing with a child. But not Black bigot huggers. Bigot huggers not only accept a bigot’s delusion of grandeur, but encourages it, and then they become hostile with any other Black person who refuses to join them in their idiocy, as though refusing to kiss the White man’s ass is an arrogant act of unholy heresy.

The primary reason I concluded that such people are born with a mental disorder is because we can see signs of the tendency in some children before they know anything about racism and bigotry. We’ve all known that child in school who would always suck-up to the teacher and stay after class to spit-shine the blackboard of a teacher that everyone else in the class hated. Then on the playground he would brag, “Mr. Cummings is mean to you guys, but he likes me.” That’s your future bigot hugger.
Now, we were all taught to be conservative as children, because we lacked experience and judgment, so we were taught to rely on the guidance of adults to do our thinking for us for our own protection. But as most of us gained intellectual maturity, we began to think for ourselves and became independent and progressives thinkers. But bigot huggers never mature to that point, so all of their lives they continue to spit-shine Mr. Cummings’ Blackboard. But later, Mr. Cummings is replaced by Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Donald Trump, or their local preacher, and they never learn to think for themselves.
The primary reason for that is they’re born weak-minded and with a lack of self-esteem, so they don’t have the confidence to think for themselves. As a result, they remain intellectual children all of their lives – and just like actual children, they yearn for that pat on the head and nod of approval from those they consider authority figures, because they rely on stronger personalities as an extension of themselves. So they literally need these people to make themselves whole, to replace that part of their self-reliance and sense of competence that’s missing in their own character. That explains why they become so hostile when we refuse to join them in their ass-kissing festival, because when we’re critical their heroes, they consider it a personal attack on them.
Deep inside, they know there’s a flaw in their character, because they’ve always felt insecure and they’ve spent their entire lives trying to avoid thinking about it. That also contributes to why Black conservatives are invariably so hostile – because when they’re confronted by other Blacks regarding their political beliefs, they’re forced to confront their insecurities, and they don’t appreciate that worth a damn. So in response, they’ll begin to spew bigoted and stereotypical claims about the thinking of normal Black people, and put on a false façade of superiority and walk away claiming that it’s the rest of the world that’s flawed. Such people are completely delusional – they have to be, in order to live with themselves.

Staff Writer; Eric L. Wattree

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