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Are You Still Wasting Money On A Broken Relationship?

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( Breakups are heartbreaking but that does not mean going insane and losing all your money. Break-up does not mean getting broke. Many of us nowadays are nursing our broken hearts by wasting money on buying new clothes, going out for parties and spending it all away. By spending money, people are trying to prove to themselves that they are finally getting closure. The mind creates the perception that temporary happiness that comes with spending money is the only way to fix a broken heart.

Amid all the hurt and sadness, a little personal investment can feel like the perfect remedy to get your mind off your ex or to stop thinking, about the cherished moments spent together, whether it be for some time only.

Though research suggests that spending money can change your mood, it should be done in a controlled manner by not going overboard. Because an excess of everything is bad and now you probably already know that very well.

Shopping is usually called retail therapy and for many, it seems to be a perfect way to spend money on stuff they don’t even need. We experience some mood swings that can have a great effect on how much we are spending, and in this case, women are more willing to take it up a notch. Women usually overspend after breakups, according to a survey.

Breaking up with someone is hard and it does not feel good but thinking irrationally at that particular phase, makes us repeat mistakes which we end up regretting later in life. The searing pain of a breakup makes us relive the past over and over again. And when we cannot break the cycle, chances are that we will find means and ways to make a rash decision that will leave us with no money and will hurt more than a breakup, when we will bounce back to our senses.

So, to avoid making such stupid mistakes it’s better to find different ways to get over a broken relationship.

Accept the hurt and pain

Accept. You need to accept that the relationship has ended and you will certainly go through some form of pain. It is perfectly natural. You loved enough and your heart has now been shattered into a million pieces. Obviously, it will take time to gather those pieces together and during that process, you will have to experience some suffering. Learn the art of accepting the pain and moving on.

Delete your ex’s number

Maybe the two of you said that you will stay friends even after a breakup. A post-breakup friendship does not really work. It’s not the same as when you both were friends before the relationship. Delete his/her number and resist the urge for drunk dialing, just in case it happens.

Spend more time with friends

Try to distract yourself from sadness as much as you can. If you’re not feeling good, make plans with friends, go out and have some fun. You can book a dinner date or go shopping with them. You need to spend more time in a non-romantic relationship where you are cared for and loved.

Don’t waste your time wondering what they are doing

Stop thinking about what their life would now be without you. During such times, the only thing you need to focus on is yourself. Spend time with people who elevate you and motivate you to do better. Or if nothing helps, you can always take a turn towards seeing a professional at and take therapy sessions.

Don’t stay angry, just be happy

Slopping for too long does not help coming out of a broken relationship. You need to stop thinking about the memories of that relationship because it won’t let you get over the breakup and disturb the healing process. Feelings of loathing and contempt towards your ex will not resolve any issues and will affect the peace of your mind.

So try to stay happy and cheerful because after all, it is not the end of the world.

Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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One Response to “Are You Still Wasting Money On A Broken Relationship?”
  1. Trevo Craw says:

    To the Author,

    The most important element is finding out what the problem was and why you chose that person. If not, you will make the same mistake over and over again.

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