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Will the Social Security and Medicare Cut Split the Donald Trump Base.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) There are many Americans that rely on their social security check to make ends meet. Without Medicare they would not be able to get the medical treatment they need, and without SNAP they would not eat. This is the reality of more Americans than the current president wants to acknowledge. I may not be the best at math, but if your only 13% at best of the population you are not leading the nation in as much some would like to portray. Black Americans are not the number one people using these services contrary to white belief.

If you walk in the welfare office in an area that is not urban you will see many white people with their family seeking government assistance to survive. You may also see several MAGA hats in those same places. Those people do not see the difference between the reality of who they are, and who their president considers worthy of his leadership. One can only wonder how far the Trump allegiance will go with his fan base. Will they stand by this administration over their own life, welfare, and that of their children?

Its scary to think Trump has sent a budget to the Hill that proposes extreme cuts to social security, Medicare, and he wants cuts to SNAP in way that will leave many of his citizens starving. Is this enough to break his base? Unfortunately, this probably won’t move the Trump base until the further feel the pain of his administration. Obviously, it’s not enough to see many of their jobs disappear. They don’t realize they were never a part of his America. It’s not just POCs…poor white people are just manipulated tools he uses for votes. They are none of his concern. He knows how to make them feel important above other groups of people in this country when the reality is they are suffering with the rest of the nation.

Unfortunately, for MAGA nation to break they may have to endure seeing their social security checks disappear, it may take losing loved ones because they can’t afford medical treatment, and it may mean scaping to feed their children. I wouldn’t wish this existence on my worse enemy especially when there are children involved, but all parts of the American population that can vote must be held accountable for what the nation has allowed to take place. Black people need to also mind themselves because we have some people in our community that want us to believe what we see is not evil.

Someone that holds the highest office in that land but doesn’t care for the elders and children of THERE nation is evil. No black person is going to persuade the masses of us that we should follow Trump as he has not only governed poorly to say the least, but he is highly racist and disrespectful towards out people. Anyone that drink his Kool-Aid is in danger of being disappointed and embarrassed before this nation and their people. That man ruins people. Many of us are aware that the attack of government assistance appears to be an attack about POCs in this nation, but the truth is Trump is hindering people that look like him. As always we will get through this period but I’m not to sure what shape we will be in when it’s done. The saddest part of it all is there is someone who will defend Trump jobless, dying, and hungry.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

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