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Shaming Mayor Cantrell About Taxes is Hypocrisy.

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( It came out recently in the news that LaToya Cantrell, Mayor of New Orleans, owes almost $100,000 in taxes to the IRS, and there is now a lien on her home. She was transparent about the situation in that she and her family are working on resolving the issue. While there are a lot of citizens in New Orleans that have offered words of encouragement to the mayor there are definitely those that wish to drag her, and her family, through the mud. It’s interesting how shame is levied I can only sit back and wonder if it were Mitch Landrieu would the media, and certain kinds of people in New Orleans would have made it their mission to shame him regarding taxes. Yes, they did shame him over statue removal and policy, but I have a feeling it would not have happened behind taxes. The same people fussing about her tax situation are silent about that of another.

Its unfortunate that no matter what Mayor Cantrell does in this situation it will not be enough to suffice the naysayers. If she pays it immediately we all know this black woman will be accused of stealing, or “misappropriation of funds” even if that doesn’t exist. If she doesn’t pay quick enough the rumor mill will continue, and it will be said that a mayor is going to lose her home. It’s amazing that she is being held to the highest accountability as leadership…but those higher are not. What Louisiana Republican stood up for the people in the face of the abuse of power by the current administration? Did they demand transparency of the current president regarding his taxes? If what’s happening to a mayor in the area of taxes is public knowledge why isn’t tax information for a sitting president public knowledge.

If one has an issue with the policy and agenda od Mayor Cantrell do address your issue, but this tax situation is low and quite unnecessary. She isn’t the first politician to have tax issues, and she won’t be the last. This doesn’t imply that she should ignore it, nor that it doesn’t matter. However, I’d like to think the higher the office the greater the responsibility. If that logic stands we can’t drag a mayor why Trump defies us all regarding taxes.

I’m trying to convince myself that this isn’t happening because she is the first black female Mayor of New Orleans. I want to believe race isn’t the reason behind the public shaming, but I know better. There is no way that’s not a factor in this situation. It’s sad to know how deep the hypocrisy runs where race is concerned. The silence about it is just as bad.

I personally am not a fan of everything Mayor Cantrell has done in my city. There are times when I feel she doesn’t understand the culture of where she lives, and in the name of progress the culture suffers. However, she doesn’t deserve to be shamed about her taxes. I can’t bring myself to tear her down when she is showing up every day trying to better the city even if I disagree with her method at times. Kill the hypocrisy please; when you get Trumps taxes let us know.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

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