How To Choose A Perfect Baby Name.

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( Picking a name for your child can be tricky and also overwhelming. There will always be loads of names to choose from, and friends and family will always come in with their recommendations. Here are seven tips to guide you on how to pick up a babys name.

  • Tip#1. Relax!
  • Tip#2 Avoid common Names
  • Tip#3 Check our names in your family tree
  • Tip#4 Look for names that age well
  • Tip#5 Think about how the name will sound
  • Tip#6 Think about the name initials
  • Tip#7 Plan a nickname before anyone else can choose a nickname

Tip #1. Relax!

There is no right or wrong answer to choosing your child’s name. What is important is to choose a name that you and your partner both love.

There might be an unrequited pressure behind choosing the name, and in situations like these, it is important to relax and not give in to the pressure.

Tip #2 Avoid Common Names

Some names quickly become trendy and common, which may not necessarily be a bad thing because it means that the name is generally liked. However, people usually do not prefer common names and want their children to have a unique and distinctive name.

If you want a unique name for your child, then be aware of the possible mispronunciations that could happen as a unique name can attract a lot of attention and jokes in the form of puns as well.

Tip #3 Check out the names in your family tree

It may not be a bad idea to name your child in honor of a family member or an elder. You might even find some nice classic names in there as well.

Tip #4 Look for names that age well

It may be weird to give a mature name to a small baby. Even weirder would be calling a baby by a sophisticated name. However, A name that suits a small child may not suit your child when he is an adult. Therefore you should be careful and choose a name that falls in between mature and cute, i.e. a perfect baby name

Tip #5 Think about how the name will sound

No doubt, you’ll be calling out your baby’s name a lot. While deciding a name, think about how the name will sound and try to pronounce it beforehand so that you are familiar with it and so that you can know if you like the sound of it.

Tip #6 Think about the name initials

When deciding a baby name, you need to think about the initials as well. The initials, if not thought through properly, might spell out something unpleasant like “Bad” or even “Ass,” which can make your child become the brunt of jokes. Try thinking about the initials and visualizing them on a card or a towel. Do they look and sound nice? If yes, then Bingo! You’ve got your name!

Tip# 7 Plan a nickname before anyone else can choose a nickname

This tip is the one tip that trumps all. If you’re anxious that your child could be made fun of in school or college because of their name, a great strategy would be to give your child a nickname before anyone else is able to!

Staff Writer; Richard Ford