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What You Need To Do To Bulk Up Your Muscles.

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( African American men have greater skeletal muscle mass than Caucasian men. As a result, you’re more likely to be leaner and have a more athletic-type appearance than your white male counterparts. However, if you want to bulk up to achieve the body you’ve always desired, then you need to spend some time defining your muscles.

Eat more calories

Research shows that black men, including African Americans, consume an average of 215 calories less than Caucasian men. However, Columbia University suggests that individuals should up their calorie intake by 500 per day in order to build up one pound of muscle per week and bulk up. Ideally, these calories should come from wholesome foods, including protein sources and complex carbohydrates, as these will support the growth of your muscles.

Take supplements

Supplements play a crucial role in bulking up the muscles. Vitamin D is one vitamin that shouldn’t be ignored, especially as research shows that black men are 3.5 times more likely to be deficient in it. Studies have concluded that high levels of vitamin D improve muscle strength, thus making them bigger, so it’s important that this supplement is taken. Ipamorelin supplements are also vital as, according to the research of Dr Nina Bausek, they improve muscle mass and strength. By encouraging the release of growth hormone (GH), Ipamorelin ensures that the body’s muscles are supported during exercise and day to day activities.

Exercise right

A 2010 study found that African American men and men from ethnic minorities participated in less physical activity than white men. Regular exercise is crucial for bulking up your body, as it encourages fat burning and muscle strengthening. You do, however, need to ensure that you focus on working your muscles to your max, and you need to do plenty of squats, pull-ups, press-ups, barbell/dumbbell bench presses, planks, knee raises, and similar exercises to really push and define your muscles. By focusing on these exercises and not just cardio workouts, you’ll target every muscle in your body, which will benefit the size and shape of your entire body.

African American men are lucky in that their bodies typically have a good muscle mass. However, these muscles need support and work to bulk them up and get them to the best that they can be. As such, African American men are urged to eat healthy calorific foods, utilize supplements, and embark on exercises that target specific muscles.

Staff Writer; James Jackson

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