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A Seditious Brew Called Feminism!

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(     Not that long ago, a group of women got together (for the umpteenth time) to shed their clothes, take pictures, and thrust the results into society’s face.  While the subject was (supposed) to be about voting, it was more about public exhibitionism.  Then, we have the annual, world-wide event where women (and men) take to subways and other public transportation–in their underwear.  The purpose is supposed to be humorous.  The reality; another spate of public exhibitionism.

If one must take their clothes off to make a point…is the point worth making?

Modesty, it seems, has been thrown out the window.  Sadly, many of the women who take place in these skin shows will come back and scream that the men who look at them are perverts, but, they attempt to use their bodies to influence the outcomes that they want…which is hypocrisy at its best, and soft core porn at its worst.

I can’t forget this next example, because it hits right at the heart of my column for this month.  A few years back, a high school girl sued to become a member of her school’s football team.  Well, instead of fighting the matter, the school corporation yielded to her demands, and let her suit up.  First game the young lady played, she had her ‘bell rung’.  She quit the team after ONE game, and sued the school corporation for–get this–NOT telling her about the ‘true’ dangers of the game.  She had eyes; she had ears and she had a brain.  She chose not to use them.  It seems that in this case, a girl discovered the biological differences between boys and girls–and didn’t like the results.

Stay with me, because we are going on a trek into the tall grass.

To begin: we in the USA are in the fifth wave of feminism.  By my calculations, the first wave of feminism surfaced on our shores in the late 1800s.  The second wave hit from 1915 to 1947.  Wave three–the ‘modern resurgence’–of feminism surfaced from the late 1960s into the late 1970s.  The fourth wave appeared in the late 1980s to the late 1990s.  This was marked with some of the females of the species celebrating their ability to strip, dip, and drink and not accept the consequences.  The fifth wave is what we are now witnessing; more attempts by young women to drink, strip and bully their way into public view to gain attention and power.

Check the mainstream press.  Or, I should say, the mainstream mess.

More than a few commercials have little girls as the ‘preferred child’ to have instead of a boy.  One well-known business commercial shows it’s OK for a woman to ‘take her work to dinner’ via smartphone while her date just sits there and watches.  Men–a generation ago–did the same thing–and were called workaholics.  Now, the script has been flipped…and it has become ‘acceptable’ to be rude to your date, then get mad when your date prefers a woman who has sense enough to keep her work at work. The propagandists of Madison Avenue are content to feature women carry a briefcase, and men content to stay at home, worrying about ‘man-scaping’ and cooking and cleaning for the child/children/spouse.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I know that every house is different and there are exceptions.  However, man was created to get the bread, and woman was created to shape the home WITH man.

Brothers, Feminism has never been about equality.  It never will be about equality.  IF that were the case, Black women who are in the movement would be getting better treatment from white women.  No, my brother, it is about destroying the godly differences between male and female (as God has created them), with males coming out on the wrong side of the equation.

Fathers were created by God to be the leaders, breadwinners, and primary educators of religious–and other instruction–in the home. Mothers were created by God to be the followers of their OWN husbands, helpmeet of the marriage, and keeper of the home.  Anything else is a losing proposition and will make a home into a mess.

Any wonder why millennial men are not heading to the altar as quickly as men in past generations?  They seem to know that there is a problem with the female of the species, and have retreated from the preacher, the vows, and the ring.  Instead of women addressing the problem of their own attitudes and failings, they choose to blame the men AND continue in their militancy.  What is even more shocking is that the generation of women BEHIND the millennials…the Generation Z/Generation Disney…so far, are more traditional, and are SHUNNING feminism in droves!

Feminists are a curious, rebellious breed, brothers.  Some of them, sadly, are Christian women who disregard the Scriptures as they run for the pulpit to become Pastors, Evangelists and Apostles and push men out–in direct violation of I Timothy, II Timothy and Titus (KJV Bible).

The continued intrusion of the female of the species into male ‘gathering and learning’ places.  A few decades back, the Promise Keepers movement swept the country, with positive results.  Some women protested and demanded admission into the effort.  Eventually, women were ‘included’ in the activity…and it died an UGLY death, as men dropped out of PK, as the women swept in.

The water is getting hot, but let the steam rise.  EVERY time women intrude into a realm where men congregate, there is trouble.  The Boy Scouts–at least what used to be the Boy Scouts–has renamed itself to take in girls.  Now, at last word, the organization is losing money and members because parents realize that social experimentation is not the way to run a youth organization.

As T.D. Jakes stated years ago: “A nation of women can NOT raise up a nation of men.”  In short, men best mature around other men, and women mature best around other women.  That’s the way God set it up!

It is truly a ball of confusion when we read studies about more than 25 percent of female STEM professionals leaving the field (after pushing men out to gain entry) because they couldn’t ‘hack’ the isolation, the loneliness and the lack of ability to use their non-career skills (like nurturing and emotional support)! I am reminded of what a sage Pastor said years ago: “You can lose what you got, by trying to get what you already have!”

To bring the point home further, one female supervisor remarked:  “Why should I settle for being equal, when I have a husband who puts me on a pedestal?”

Brothers, it is PAST time to encourage REAL Black women to wake up their sisters to the seditious brew of feminism.  This is a battle that THEY must fight.  We STILL have too many of our women who are willing to believe the lies of the daughters of the women who had our ancestors cooking for them in their kitchens, some 400 years ago.  Like the KJV Bible says, one should NOT seek to follow the ways of the oppressor.  Regardless of their color, or their sex.  Not hating…just stating.

Staff Writer; Mike Ramey

This brother is also a Minister, Modern Street Gangs Specialist, Nationally-Known Political Consultant and Syndicated Columnist who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana. “Ramey‘s Guide To Elective Office For Men”, is one of a variety of columns that Ramey has in cyberspace. His address is still the same:

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