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We Are Not Progressing as a Nation.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) When the subject of racism in America rears its ugly head there are those that like to make the argument that we have come such a long way as a nation. They say things are not as bad as it use to be. The white people that make this argument seem to have a hard time coming to terms with the behavior of racists in this country. Their inability, or unwillingness, to see what is happening is complicit and they don’t realize it… or simply don’t care. With that being said, there are black people that make the argument of progress and it seems they have drank the Kool-Aid of denial. Maybe it makes one feel less afraid to tend deal with day to day activities when one decides, against facts, that things are getting better. Sometimes in that mindset we are careless, and not as vigilant as we should be because things are not as bad as they were. What both sides need to realize is they are just as bad…if not worse. Back then they didn’t have social media and cellphones so more happened to people were terrorized than we know. There are so many unknown victims this hard to put it into context, and even with technology today keeps to the same narrative. This country is not getting better…one can argue race relations are getting worse.

There are too many situations whereby our black people are attacked or reported for no other reason than existing. This is mind boggling to process because not only are we targets, but if our assailant is white there is a possibility we will have to hear the mental illness argument, and many of them will be apprehended without incident. In regard to the latter officers should be able to apprehend suspects without incident; the problem is far too often if the suspect is black without incident seems to be difficult to achieve. The suspect is beaten or in worse cases killed. This is not progress.

It was reported July 9, 2019 that a 17yr old black male was brutally killed in a gas station, in Arizona, for listening to rap music. The boy was on his way home from work, stopped at the gas station, and was killed trying to get a drink. The suspect has been recently released from prison and though he was doing the community a favor by killing this young man. How is this progress? How can make an argument for such in the face of actions like this?

It is very difficult being Black in America and raising children can be a frightening journey. We must arm our children with information to try to make it home safely everyday and it shouldn’t be this way. When we here about a police shooting or teenager being attacked by a racist person, we have to hope it’s not our child while still feeling sick inside for someone else’s child praying that one day it isn’t our own. Its hared to have the discussion when some are blind, and others are in denial, until it’s the black person you know…or its your own family.

When we don’t have an administration that fans the fire of racists in this country, and people are cured of blindness and denial maybe we can progress in this country. if you are wondering about the different achievements in the past regarding race, I agree we won some battles. The problem is we need to acknowledge that we didn’t win the war…the war is still ongoing.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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