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How Do People Change The World?

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Tweet ( “One man can change the world.” This is probably one of the overused phrases in modern society where change is necessary to adapt to the rapidly evolving world. Change is inevitable and will come one way or the other. Then the real question should be, how would you want the world to look like after you change it? The theory... [Read more...]

Let’s Free A Generation From Burden Of College Loan Debt.

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Tweet ( The reaction — shock, joy, disbelief, euphoria — revealed the importance of Robert F. Smith’s stunning gift, when he announced, unexpectedly, that he would pay off all the college debts of Morehouse College students graduating this year. His gift literally changed the prospects and the lives of the vast majority of those... [Read more...]

Ronald Sullivan; ‘Victims’ Dictate.

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Tweet ( “I don’t feel safe,” says a Harvard student in a video. What threatens her? The dean of her Harvard dormitory, law professor Ronald Sullivan, agreed to be part of accused sexual harasser Harvey Weinstein’s legal defense team. Sullivan and his wife were deans of the dormitory for years, but no matter.... [Read more...]

My Thoughts; Slavery Is Neither Strange Nor Peculiar.

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Tweet ( The favorite leftist tool for the attack on our nation’s founding is that slavery was sanctioned. They argue that the founders disregarded the promises of our Declaration of Independence “that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty... [Read more...]

400 Years And We Still Ain’t Clear; Distortions Of Black History.

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Tweet ( According to some historians, Afrodescendents first entered these united states in 1619 off the coast of Virginia. If we believe that narrative, Afrodescendents have been in this country for 400 years. If the people who were kidnapped and brought here had to tell the story, would they tell the same one? Would they say that we... [Read more...]

The House Unlikely to Ever Get President’s Tax Returns.

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Tweet ( House Democrats are jubilant because last week, they won two court victories in their ongoing battle to get President Donald Trump’s tax returns and decades of his personal and business banking records. But their glee won’t last long. These federal district court rulings are likely to be overturned by the U.S. Supreme... [Read more...]

How Has Technology Transformed The Way Companies Conduct Business? Let’s Discuss.

Tweet ( There is no denying that technology has simply transformed the way business is conducted today. Businesses are there for one reason, to provide a product or a service, and in the interim to make a profit and to continue to grow. We need businesses and companies as a consumer, because we need the things that they supply, which... [Read more...]

How to Keep Your Brain Sharp and Healthy as You Age.

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Tweet ( Do you have a feeling that you’re forgetting more than usual? Don’t worry, there are simple steps that you can use to preserve your mental abilities as you get older. Reports suggest that learning new skills such as a language or how to use a computer can help keep your brain active as you get older. Memory loss doesn’t... [Read more...]

What Are the Benefits of Drivers Ed?

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Tweet ( Drivers ed is mandatory in most states for quite some time now. It is one of the requirements teens, particularly those aged below 18, need to comply with before they can get their learner’s permit. Yet, many parents still wonder if taking a drivers education course is truly necessary. After all, most of them got their license... [Read more...]

Be More Flexible With Traditional Gender Roles.

May 28, 2019 by  
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Tweet ( Growing up, many of us where taught that “Men are supposed to do this” and “Men don’t do this” or “That’s something females do.” I’ll say that 80-percent of the time, it’s dated stuff. That’s being extremely generous. Being flexible with roles will make you better rounded in a relationship and being well... [Read more...]

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