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Interesting Things You Need To Know About Past Life Regression.

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( Many of our experiences in life seem all too familiar to be happening to us for the first time. If you’ve ever had a moment where you’ve felt like you’ve met someone before or that you feel an otherworldly connection to something, you may be sensing a past life.

Read on to learn about past-life regression and how you can heal from this past.

1. You Have a Familiar Feeling

Deja vu is typically the first sign of having a past life. This odd experience is the distinct sensation that you’ve visited someplace before, met someone previously, or have lived through a specific moment in the past already. In some situations, this deja vu feeling indicates a moment from a past life in a specific place, with a certain person, or in a particular moment.

Experiencing past life regression like this will help you to better identify the origin of this deja vu. Through past life regression therapy, you’ll be able to tap into all of your past personalities, experiences, and events, allowing you to see the connection between your former self and the person you are now. This is an important step in your healing process.

2. You Have Incredibly Realistic Dreams

Ever have a dream so vivid it felt as if you were there? These overly detailed dreams typically will depict you in different places and times. While this could just be a dream, for many people, these dreams can be past-life recollections. These past-life dreams often contain metaphors and symbols that can be interpreted to reveal a specific truth about one’s other lives. These scenes should be interpreted in the same way a poem or historical text might.

3. History Has Always Been Your Best Subject

Like memories, aversions, and attractions, your abilities and talents can be a link to your past life. If you find that you’ve always been drawn to specific cultures or people, especially when taking history courses in school, this is another cue that you’ve had a past life. This can present itself in your unique ability to speak a new language with ease, the way you quickly take a shine to learning about new cultures, and the way you naturally gravitate towards a certain set of people. Though this intense interest could be your desire to learn more, if it seems like these cultures, languages, and people are already a part of you, it’s likely your history is tied in some way to theirs.

4. You’ve Found Your Soul Mate

While many people have individual experiences hinting back to their past lives, these individuals may have experienced each of their lives with the same set of souls. Another word for these sets of individuals is soul mates, soul families, or groupings. These soul groups go through our lives with us as we accumulate karma and learn spiritual lessons. When looking at our past lives this way, we can clearly see how our loved ones that are no longer with us are still part of our circle through reincarnation.

This reincarnation presents itself in several different forms. In one life, an individual may know their soul mate as their husband. In a different life, these soul mates can find each other as mother and child.

Much of our lives and past lives are a mystery. With past life regression, we begin to gain a better understanding of ourselves and our loved ones. Keep this information in mind as you continue to learn more about who you are and who you’ve been before.

Staff Writer; Peter Wall

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