A Black Woman Has a Path to the White House…And It Ain’t Kamala Harris.

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(ThyBlackMan.comReader, it’s election season again and as the great American writer O’Shea Jackson Sr. once proudly proclaimed; once again it’s on.  If we ever wish to see the America that we all dream of, then it is time to see that a Black woman makes her way to the White House once more.  Sen. Bernie Sanders is too old. I honestly wish that he would not run in this election, though I prefer him above the other named candidates so far.  I feel that the 70 year olds need to step down. They keep proving their ineffectiveness whenever Silicon Valley visits the Congress.

That said, if Senator Sanders is going to run, then he has my support and though I am no longer a Democrat and definitely not a Republican, I expect to vote for whomever the Democratic Party nominates for POTUS in 2020.  There’s just no choice, unless Trump is thrown out and the GOP has a serious racial redemption in the next 20 months…but how likely is that?

Racial demographics are at play as the first biracial woman of color runs for POTUS and the Democratic Party is counting on a slam dunk with black women for Kamala Harris.  Joy Ann Reid has her marching orders and CNN is giving her a Prime Time Town Hall tonight that they haven’t given any other declared candidate thus far, including Senator Warren.  Black women in particular, seem more than willing to fall in line at this point, seemingly ignoring many of Harris’ conservative red flags. This is the climate that Bernie Sanders launches into while the Black woman vote in 2020 will be key in the DNC Primary.

Senator Sanders should name Nina Turner to be his Vice-Presidential nominee and he should do it before Kamala Harris really has a chance to gain a strong foothold.  Nina’s bona fides as a former Ohio State Senator, President of Sanders’ Our Revolution progressive organization, and status as a Descendant of African Slaves from Cleveland make her a dream side-kick to the man with the plan.  She meets every demographic test that Black America could possibly ask for. She would also be Vice to a likely one-term President who may just retire and cede the office to her.

Not only is she demographically strong, but she is everything that Kamala Harris will pretend to be in terms of progressivism.  This is a woman who will support criminal justice reform in our favor. She is a woman who would support reforming government, healthcare, and public schools.  She is a woman who will address the racial wealth gap and who has the ability to articulate the black agenda in the greater context of American politics. Nina Turner is exactly what and who America needs; she also happens to be the only way that Senator Bernie Sanders will ever see the White House.

Staff Writer; Darrick Herndon