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Timeless: 8 Men’s Clothing Companies That Symbolize Good Taste.

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( The type of clothing that you put on anywhere you go speaks a lot about you. It can speak about your lifestyle, character, occasion, class in the society, and profession among other messages different clothing reveals. Wardrobe investment may not be easy, especially when it comes to picking pieces that are of significant quality and which has the potential to stay in your closet for quite some time – not to just fill up space, of course. The best way to enhance this is by shopping in companies that symbolize good taste. Companies that you can get what you need without forcing a big dent on your finances. Read on for 8 of such menswear brands here in the US.

  1. Ralph Lauren

If you’re looking for apparel that has the potential to stay true to its core aesthetic, then look nowhere else. This is the company you’re looking for. Ralph Lauren was a former salesman at Brooks Brothers and after learning what men really need in their clothing, he decided to change menswear forever and for the better. Over the past years, this company has been one of the leading brands in the men’s clothing industry. Not only will you find attractive and high-quality collections that are appealing to a broad audience but you’ll also get to enjoy his amazing coupons offered for different collections. There are different sites, such as the Stylinity, where you can find these and other coupons offered by different brands. You can view site for more information.

  1. Thom Browne

The New York City-based designer is well known for his quality-made, contemporaneous suiting. His collections generally revolve around tailoring, characterized by the prominent grey which greatly describes most of his designs. While Browne focuses on both menswear and womenswear collections, his collections are unique in that he has a brilliant eye for foreshadowing fashion trends at reasonable prices. Therefore, if you’re a fashion risk taker, Thom Browne’s brands can be a perfect fit for you to try out. There, you get to choose what attracts you the most from the large collection available. Then you can live to enjoy the classy and fashionable look today and in several days to come.

  1. Calvin Klein

This company needs no introduction. It has been in the industry since 1968 and has helped millions and millions of Americans through their exceptional quality products. Its controversial campaign ads led to its rise to popularity in the 1980s and have since then managed to experience more and more success in the business. Calvin Klein is well known for its menswear collection mainly underwear. It also makes super quality men’s clothing that you can obtain today at reasonable prices.

4.Tom Ford

The American designer has gained significant popularity over the past years due to his precision. The designs are sexy and super masculine with an amazing balance on the avant-garde with the quintessential to enhance your style. Here, you’ll find tuxedos and dinner jackets coming in a myriad of prints and colors and with incredible cuts. And that’s not enough, Tom Ford can comfortably brag about his mean men’s grooming line and different frugal offers that you can enjoy when you shop some of the company’s products today.

  1. Nike

You probably must have heard about, and even used some of Nike’s products and services. It’s one of the most popular and recognizable sports brand across the country and the world at large. Its ability to become the most successful brand means they’ve been able to significantly satisfy its customers during all the time they’ve been in business. To continuously maintain a good customer satisfaction score, a company should be able to produce products that are of the right quality throughout their period in business. The pricing of the products must also be reasonable and affordable lest it may be difficult to obtain a significant share of the market. Nike meets these and other related customer attraction and retaining mechanisms and this explains their impressive business success. Their products have gained trust among several clients who keep coming back to shop at the company.

  1. Tommy Hilfiger

For the past 30 years, Tommy Hilfiger has been striving to make the life of every American man better and better through their outstanding collections. And they still strive with renewed luster year in year out. They’ve realized a significant growth within the last few years with an impressive increase in their revenues and earnings per share by 3% and 20% respectively. This comes with good news to you as a customer. The company offers different brand coupons that you can take advantage of today.

  1. American Eagle Outfitters

Despite experiencing a comparable decrease in its sales by 5% in fiscal 2014, American Eagle Outfitters didn’t allow the setback to destroy their purpose in the industry. Instead, the company devised and implemented new technologies that saw its significant return to business. It gained popularity after launching its one-size-fits-all brand that goes by the name Don’t Ask Why. This brand allowed the company to connect with a good number of American teens across the nation. This brand is still one of the main brands offered by the company. You’ll get to appreciate the company’s fair pricing of different collections. Plus, you’ll enjoy different and important coupons when you shop for the company’s products.

  1. Michael Kors

For so many years since its entry into the industry in the early 1980s, Kors has been well known to be a womenswear collection company. However, his menswear collection is of no less quality and are also of outstanding designs. Kors offers men with different pieces of design. If you’re a fan of slim fit button-downs, then this is the company to get yourself one of the best pieces. You’ll also find amazing outwear pieces that will make you look astonishing in them. With reasonable prices and coupons offered on different collections, the company can be one of the best to consider next time you’re planning to go shopping for your clothing.


The mood that you convey is greatly determined by your clothing. Every item that you put on counts, which is why it is important to be careful when investing in your wardrobe. These are some of the best companies here in the US that you can consider when you want to embrace an American flare in your wardrobe upgrade. You can also look out for other relevant themed blogs to learn more about American menswear companies with good deals for you.

Staff Writer; Carl James

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