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A Layman’s Take: Cohen Pleads Guilty and Trump Has A Fit.

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( So, Michael Cohen–President Trump’s former lawyer among other things–pleaded guilty to lying to Congress about Trump Tower Moscow. Is there no loyalty anymore? I’m sure Trump asked himself and his close confidants that knowing that the answer is “Of course not, man.” It rings even more true considering there is no honor among thieves.

Michael Cohen and the Great Escape

Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel investigation is a prosecution pot that has many people trapped. The water is being turned up and most are holding on since there’s still that possibility of a sweet, sweet pardon. Then you have Michael Cohen, a lawyer and problem solver, who got himself into a problem that he can’t solve. Well, he did pretty much solve it for himself by pleading guilty. Just imagine the outcome if Mueller had to continue sifting through Trump murkiness to get the answer.

He was looking at close to 65 years behind bars. That’s not prison time, that’s dungeon time. It’s burial-on-prison grounds time. For pleading guilty and continuing to work with Mueller he’s looking at way less. Of course, for lying to Congress in the first place–among his other dealings–it could be up to five years. Oh and a paltry fine of $9,500. Paltry by political mover and shakers standards.

Cohen had distanced himself from Trump some time ago by rejoining the Democratic party. It could be down to some bitterness that Trump hadn’t gotten off the pot when it came to saving him from 65 years in real life prison. He bounced on the party after feeling Obama let him down but after being associated with Trump? Ehhh Obama’s not looking so bad. I mean Obama didn’t have him in the middle of federal probe touching on every piece of DJT’s corruption, collaborating, and conspiring.

If it was smooth sailing and DJT’s business dealings, relationship with Putin, Russian interference, and so on hadn’t set off smoke alarms Cohen would’ve probably kept quiet about all of that. It’s not a change of heart. He got burned so bad the health department said “We can’t help you.”

Then again, everyone knows that. The change of heart thing, not the Trumpually Transmitted Disease thing.

The Hits Keep Coming For Trump

With Cohen’s admission Mueller has enough to keep digging. I mean, if Cohen just said “Yeah I lied to Congress about that Moscow thing, please don’t send me to real life prison for 65 years,” surely some or the rest of the Trump associates are lying about something important. The thing is these guys have been doing this for decades. Roger Stone’s been doing this since Nixon so he’s a seventh degree black belt in shadiness. Or at playing politics. Pick which one you prefer.

When it Cohen plead guilty, Trump wasn’t having it. He called Michael Cohen a “bum” and a “liar.” Apparently, Cohen is weak for “lying” to get a lesser sentence but he was a good guy when he was lying about Trump’s closeness with Russia. That same country that interfered in the 2016 elections…that he won. It all just makes it look even more obvious that there was some interference from Russia on his behalf because Trump’s good for Russia.

It’s obvious that Trump will be able to spin this even further when he goes to have more rallies for the marks who love him. Never mind that he won* and is still having rallies. Having a fit because someone who was on your payroll to do questionable things to push your campaign decides to tell the truth makes you a bum. Trump could’ve avoided the issue, selected not to comment on it–he had plenty of PR choices. “If it don’t apply, let it fly” applies here but Trump has established an expectation that he has to reply to everything great and small if it involves him.

The man just can’t help himself.

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