Taking Care Of Yourself For A Healthier Winter.

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(ThyBlackMan.comWith winter approaching, you’ll no doubt be getting into the holiday spirit, wrapping up in cozy knitwear and enjoying everything the season brings. However, one of the things you’re probably least looking forward to is the flu season. Succumbing to colds and flu at this time of year can be miserable, and it’s particularly important to look after yourself during the winter.

Practice self-care and stay healthy this winter with some top tips for taking care of yourself.

Go for your check-ups

Going to the doctor or dentist isn’t at the top of everyone’s favorite activities, but it’s important that you keep up any regular appointments – especially during the winter. Check-ups can highlight problems at an early stage, meaning if there is something wrong – you don’t have to let it ruin your winter. Put those appointments in the diary and make sure you stick to them.

Eat healthier

Healthy eating is something that you should always strive to do, but it’s harder to do so during the winter season. Many common comfort foods are packed with fat and salt, which can lead to an expanding waistline and make you more prone to a number of illnesses. Make sure you increase your fruit and vegetable intake during the winter to help your body get the vitamins it needs to boost immunity, as well as antioxidants. There are plenty of healthy comfort food recipes you can try to help you reinvent your old favorites – making eating a home-cooked meal much more appealing than takeout or dining out. It’s easy to gain weight in winter, but if you manage your diet well you can maintain a healthy weight.

Exercise regularly

When it’s cold and dark outside, the last thing you might want to do is go to the gym or go for a run. As you’ll know, it’s easy to put weight on during the winter months because of the festivities or because you’re more likely to stay in than head out. By exercising regularly, you’ll help to keep your body fit and strong, while also helping you to maintain a regular weight. Don’t let the cold keep you from exercising, workout at home instead! There are plenty of effective exercises you can do at home to help you shift those pounds and keep your fitness this winter.

Learn to rest and de-stress

The summer months can feel like you’re on the go all the time, with everyone looking to make the most of the sunshine and good vibes. Winter has a very different vibe, and is a lot slower-paced, with plenty of opportunities to relax. Use this period as a time to recharge and get back on track. Lazier mornings, cozy evenings and weekends without plans can help your body and mind to recover and help you feel great too.

Learn how to treat illnesses at home

You don’t need to go to the doctors at the slightest hint of a sniffle or a cough. Most winter illnesses will pass quickly with a bit of home care, which is something your pharmacist can help out with. Doctors waiting rooms are full at this time of year, with many people taking up valuable appointments that could be given to someone with real need. If you are taking any medication, monitor your side effects. Anything that isn’t ordinary should be looked at, and you might need drug injury lawyers on hand in case you need to take action. Save the emergency room for real emergencies and make the most of your local health services to help you get better this winter.

Get plenty of sleep

Sleep is vital for helping our brains to function and to help us stay focused. Without enough sleep, days can feel longer, your vision will be blurred and you’ll be far less productive. The evenings are darker now, so try to go to bed an hour earlier to help you get your 8 hours a night. A dark room that’s free from noise and distractions is ideal. Temperature is also important to help you get to sleep, so if you find that your room is too cold, put the heating on or invest in an electric blanket to help you sleep better at night.

Drive safely

Winter is a dangerous time for drivers. The weather can make conditions difficult, particularly visibility. It can also be a worrying time if your car breaks down, as getting help can take longer when you’re battling tough conditions. Make sure you follow all of the rules of the road and use your common sense when driving in snow and icy conditions. If the weather is particularly rough, do the sensible thing and stay indoors until it clears.

Don’t let money problems eat away at you

The holidays can highlight and heighten existing financial problems, causing a lot of stress as people struggle to cope with Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. If you’re struggling to manage your money, ploughing yourself into further debt this winter won’t help. Instead, concentrate on getting help and improving your financial situation. Talking to someone can help you ease the burden, so don’t keep things to yourself any longer.

Keep an eye out for others too

It’s not just your health you should be concerned with this winter, but others too. Older people might especially struggle because of the cold, so it’s good to check in on your relatives and make sure they’re doing ok. If you’ve got neighbors who need help with some errands or could benefit from a hot meal now and then – do your bit to help, it’ll mean a lot more than you realize.

Taking care of yourself this winter will mean that you can enjoy the best bits of the season without worrying about being sick or stressed. Eat well, stay active and get plenty of rest to help you survive the season. Winter may be for only a few months of the year, but it’s the time of year where self-care becomes even more important.

Staff Writer; Craig Hill