Medical Doctors – Can You Trust Them?

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( Can you trust your doctor? Maybe but not nearly as much as you think. But the question itself is loaded with many other questions you need to ask. Can you trust your doctor with what? To what extent? To do what? To be up to date with the best treatments, methods and medicines? To place your health up front as a priority? To tell you what? With your health? With your life?

I am not a medical professional but rather a former investigator. This article is written for information purposes based on my freedom of speech per the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. It is intended to inform, not to tell anyone what to do. But you must listen.

Today in America the profit motive is often the highest goal on the list of many professionals and most industries. And the medical industry is no different. Have you ever wondered why we can send a rover to Mars and clone animals but when it comes to curing cancer and other diseases, the medical industry is moving at a pace somewhere between a turtle and a snail? They make more money by treating you than by curing you so you can easily recognize the medical industry focus if you simply look.

The facts in this article are not true of every single doctor. But they are true of most medical doctors because their industry demands these things of them or they will not last long in their field.

Believing that you can trust your doctor(s) is based on several assumptions that patients make – many of which are in many cases simply not true. The assumption that your doctor knows everything he or she should know about your illness or condition is often not true. New breakthroughs and clinical trials are always happening and every doctor does not keep up with many of the developments. Doctors tend to stay so closely in their lanes and how they are used to doing things that many of them do not venture outside of the box.

The assumption that you and your health is your doctor’s top priority is also often inaccurate, even though he or she may have you thinking that you are. His priority is his family then his practice which provides for that family. This means he or she will often take different approaches based on who has good or great insurance. This also means he or she will likely order tests based on what insurance will easily approve so he or she can get paid. Realistically you are likely to even be his top patient.

The assumption that your doctor will tell you everything he or she knows about your condition and solutions is often not true either. There are some things he knows but he cannot tell you. There are other things he will not tell you because it may involve sending you to a different doctor entirely. There are other things he will put in writing in the forms you sign to cover his liability instead of telling you face to face. There are even other things he will never mention if you do not ask. A patient who expects the doctor to volunteer all the information is a patient already deceived.

How often have you heard a doctor run down the list of all the side effects of the medication he just prescribed for you? Not very often. How often have you heard a doctor volunteer a lot of information without you having to ask questions first? Usually he or she keeps the visit as brief as possible, making small talk, examining you, asking you a few questions, writing some things down then telling you the nurse will be coming in next and leaving the room. In such case you are not being fully informed and your doctor knows it.

Sad to say but the level of treatment and even the level of doctor you have is largely determined by your insurance coverage – not just your illness or infirmity. Thus your value can be expressed in dollars and cents. And that is not the worst of it.

Doctors know most patients do not know all the right questions to ask. And they are comfortable giving you medicine full of side effects that are sometimes worse than the condition you have in the first place. One example is Humira which has caused cancer. Another is Verzenio which can kill you. Another is Trulicity which can crash your kidneys. Another is chemotherapy which is a biotoxin – poison derived from a biological weapon called mustard gas. And you can be sure your Oncologist knows that chemo can kill you, crash your liver and kidneys, burn your esophagus or even cut the strength of your immune system in half. But with a straight face medical doctors hand out potential death every day – even when there are other options available.

Doctors are still using treatments used 30 years ago and camouflaging the results.

With cancer, for example, you can expect medical doctors to offer and promote the same protocols for a 30 year old Caucasian male with pre-existing conditions that they prescribe for a 52 years old African American male or female without any. That is a problem because the treatments are not customized to fit the patient and recognize the differences in people. They only recognize similar or the same medical condition. Then there are the stats and the studies.

I found in my research that the medical industry manipulates the stats and the studies just as much as they use them to manipulate your choices and the choices they make for you. With cancer for instance, if you die from the chemotherapy but the chemo killed the cancer, they consider that a success for the purpose of chemo effectiveness statistics. They monitor people who are cancer free for a period of 5 years before they say you are “cured” because the doctors know the very treatments they give you to kill cancer also cause new cancers. How dumb is that? So you will pay them now and you may pay them later, if you survive.

Doctors often cite studies in order to convince you to follow their recommendations – and some studies legitimately apply to or include you. But other studies do not include you at all. Yet how many patients ask “what study”? How many patients look up the study and who it included?

Medical doctors are not perfect, nobody is. I know that. But they can do much better than they are doing. Their oaths and their industry along with support industries like the pharmaceutical industry demand a level of allegiance from them that they will never give to you. Such an allegiance shapes motives and impacts the level of service you receive. Such an allegiance causes them to schedule tests that are not needed and imaging like CAT scans that put you at risk. Such an allegiance keeps them from telling you all they know. Such an allegiance causes them to prescribe pharmaceutical medications you may not need or for longer than you may need to use them or that may devastate your body with side effects. The term “side effects” is a quaint term to say your body is rejecting synthetic chemicals that appear to fix one problem but cause others.

Medical doctors are limited and regulated by medical associations, state boards, profit and medical industry hidden agendas with helping the patient get well as a goal or intent somewhere much lower on the priority list. There are some things they don’t know. Other things about health do not fall within their lanes so you may need to consult a naturopathic doctor (ND). And still there are other things they know but they will never reveal to you – even if those things are in your best interest.

In the medical industry cures put people out of work and they don’t want to be out of work. So the cures come very slowly if at all. Cures mean no more treatments but treatments mean more and more treatments. Some of them like radiation to shrink tumors, CAT scans and X-rays even cause new problems such as new cancers. And yes the doctors know this. Medicines like anti-depressants ironically often cause depression and thoughts of suicide. Other pharmaceutical medicines are addictive or can crash your organs if you don’t come off of them exactly as instructed. And yet other pharmaceutical medicines have worse side effects than the conditions they are prescribed to help. These are the facts and doctors know them.

When I had cancer my doctors did not tell me about medical alternatives to cancer-causing radiation. Alternatives available right there at the same hospital. Fortunately I had a phenomenal surgeon with an incredible bedside manner. Yet my doctors (2 Oncologists, GP, GI) did not tell me about the side effects of the medications they readily prescribed. My Chemo Oncologist was quick to pull out the chemotherapy and even quicker in pulling out the paperwork to protect his office from liability if I became sick or died. And even though chemotherapy severely weakens your immune system, my Oncologists offered nothing to rebuild what their poison would damage. These are the facts and I was not the only one. This happens every day in hospitals across this country. It happened to me – even with excellent insurance.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America, where I went for my second opinions, did not customize plans like they advertise they do. They prescribed and followed the same protocols as other major hospitals because they are regulated by the same authorities. Thus CTCA is lying in their commercials. And their surgeon misdiagnosed the status of my condition. Fortunately my surgeon at a different hospital did not.

So what can a patient do? You can think for yourself and not just do what your doctor says blindly as if you are a robot or a slave. You can ask questions and the right questions in particular. You can realize that you make the decisions about your life, your health and your treatment along with competent medical advice.

You can do your own research, double checking and triple checking what your doctor tells you. You can take notes, record conversations and get your family members watching and listening. You can look for natural alternatives. You can ask the doctor to reveal ALL of your medical options, not just the ones he uses or prefers. You can look online to see if there are complaints against the doctor or malpractice claims. You can watch how the doctor reacts to your questions because how he or she reacts can often reveal almost as much as the content of his or her answers. Ask your doctor if he or she would follow the course being prescribed in he or she was in your shoes. You would be surprised how many would not and how many doctors will say “I don’t know” when they do know.

There are good doctors, but the industry they work within and serve demands an allegiance that forces them to conform to having you as a low priority, though they easily hide this from those who will not look.

Before you say “he is just mad at his doctors so he is just slamming all of them”, I will say I am mad and disappointed. But that neither changes the facts nor the truth about the nature, actions and motives of the medical industry. The doctors, hospital, pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers of the very machines that test and treat you are all in the same club and you are not a member. They serve and protect each other in a strong reciprocal relationship. And you are not in that relationship either. The Hippocratic oath, for a great many doctors, has become the Hypocritic oath and patients have become more like test subjects, victims and patsies than patients. You will see this for yourself if you open your eyes, stop letting the doctor think for you and pull your head out of the sand or out of somewhere else.

I have seen the treachery at work again and again and again. I have seen people swear by their doctors when the doctors were placing them in jeopardy and even more at risk than when they walked in the door. I have seen this at hospitals, clinics and treatment facilities. So it’s not just my personal experiences. I have even talked to whistleblower medical doctors who know and have the courage to admit the truth. The medical industry almost as a living creature Hell bent on serving itself by keeping people sick or getting them sick all over again. It is, in its purest form, slow and subtle Eugenics.

We unfortunately need the medical industry – the two snakes wrapped around a stick. And there are doctors who do a lot of good for their patients. There are doctors with good hearts and the right intentions. But that is not because of the medical industry – it is regardless of it. You may not agree with much of what you have read, but it is still true – like it or not. No matter how nice and helpful your doctor seems to be, that does not change the facts and the allegiance to the medical industry required by every single medical doctor in this country. Here is to your health. Wake up and stay awake!

Fact: All holistic doctors – all dead within 1 year or so of each other – mysteriously, suddenly.

EXPECT A WELL PLANNED AND DELIBERATE COVER UP. When I tried to share the facts on Facebook, the accounts were closed 3 times – even though I did not violate any of their stated policies. When I set up two different emails named after what I was exposing both suddenly ended up locked and my password would not work. When I posted verifiable data from reputable sources on medical forums it repeatedly disappeared and I was blocked. I have even been told by medical and healthcare professionals that my life could be at risk for exposing what I have brought out. But they have done a lot to me already and maybe this information will help you or somebody else. Furthermore I stay armed and I have key people watching.

Share this article with everyone you know because it could save their life or yours.

It is not shocking to me that a CDC doctor was found dead in the river recently and the story was that he committed suicide. Nor is it surprising that so many homeopathic doctors have died over the last few years. And when others have brought this information to the public, they have been discredited with bogus and transparent disinformation and misinformation campaigns. In short, I am not imagining all of this and you know it. It’s just that serious.

Anybody who is awake and not in denial knows what happened to this man. Rest in peace Dr. Sebi and thank you.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw