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Pulling “The Cosby Show” Could be a Problem.

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( Let me begin by saying I am Not a Cosby apologist. As a woman that is a sexual assault survivor his actions were deplorable and he victims deserve justice. That needs to be said because it seems there is a double standard and when mentioned that person is accused of supporting rape culture. The problem is all victims deserve justice…not just the victims of rich black men. Furthermore, if we are going to look at the work of Bill Cosby we are not approaching a larger double standard, and yes, he should still pay for his crimes. If the “Cosby Show” should be taken off the air because Cosby has been found guilty there are many bodies of work that need to disappear.

The “Cosby Show” is simply apart of the career of one actor, but we are asking the cast of that show to suffer for a crime they didn’t commit. If we look at the merit of the show, we need many more like it. The black community, especially young people, benefited from the “Cosby Show” and “A Different World”. The cast of “A Different World” also had nothing to do with Cosby’s crimes. White men have been able to commit heinous crimes in this country against women, and people in general, but their work is left intact.

We hear so much about why the work is relevant to their field or culture. It is explained, directly or in a roundabout way, that regardless of the devastation of their victims the legacy of these men via their work is to be honored. This is a problem and to dismiss it is to support the racism that is in the very bones of this country.

One can acknowledge the heinous behavior of Bill Cosby, and demand he be held accountable by law for his actions. Yet, can we say his body of work must be removed…a body of work shared by others. If one feels the work should be disavowed will we go back and demand the same of others who have neither paid for their crime nor had their work touched? There comes a point whereby we should want justice for everyone on every level. This is not excusing Cosby in going after his work and that of others. it doesn’t excuse Cosby to acknowledge he has always been invested in education and his shoes embody that. Telling the entire truth about the man does not excuse his behavior nor remove him from justice.

The stories, culture, importance of education, black love, class and issue resolution that was embodied in shows such as “The Cosby Show” and “A Different World” is needed for the youth of this time period. There are few shows that show them these things, and so much that goes against them seeing a successful depiction of self in the media. However, the point is there needs to be fairness in what we do.

If the crimes are the same all the punishment legally, socially and financially should match and that’s simply not the case here. I don’t have a problem with Cosby going to jail. I have a problem with predators of another color that don’t, and if you will destroy his work…let their work burn also. Justice and fairness for ALL is where the problem lies.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

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