3 Ways Potential Clients Will Never Reject Your Business Proposals.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Hearing “no” from a potential client hurts. It makes you think of not offering value or not being good enough. When a client rejects your business proposal, it doesn’t necessarily say something about the worthiness of your products or services. It shows you something else – a direction which you can take to make sure that your potential clients will never reject your business proposals. Here are 3 ways you can make it happen.

1. Every rejection is a direction

It hurts when you offer a service or a product to a customer and they refuse to take it. It hits badly in the heart and mind. You may wonder, what’s wrong with your offering? You start analyzing what went wrong and a bunch of criticism leads you to say your offerings are not good enough.

If you look at such rejections from a different viewpoint, you will realize such incidents redirect you to something good, something more meaningful. Every time a client rejects your offer, they are teaching you a lesson and if you look into it with a positive attitude, you can ultimately make your offerings better.

When you start to see a rejection as an indication to reassess and improve, your perspective becomes clearer. Creating a negative image about your product or services is destructive, but sadly, most of the rejections lead people to do the same. It’s not the problem with people who reject your proposal, it’s because you’re still not convinced to reassess.

Remember, we all must keep checking if our beliefs and perceptions about an offering are serving us better or not. You can’t just keep things same even when they aren’t working. You have to fix them. You have to look at situations differently. Just learn to keep your inner critic calm and start looking for the blessings in disguise.

2. Get outside of your comfort zone

There are people who never face rejections and there are people who face rejection every time they reach a potential client. In both the cases, people are not looking for expansion. They are not taking chances and they are probably not making any changes. They are simply living inside their comfort zone.

When someone rejects your offer, look at it as they are telling you to go outside of your comfort zone, do better and then come back. There are chances that the changes you make will again bring rejection from your potential clients. But if you are making changes, if you are taking chances, the best thing about the situation is at least you are doing something after coming out of your comfort zone.

Remember when tech companies make big decisions, they put so many things at risk – investors’ money, customers’ expectations, their company’s sales and future. But smart business owners know that taking risks can help their offerings become better. It helps their customers and employees understand who they are and where things are going. Companies like IBM, Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, and many others were criticized when they made significant changes in their products and services. But we all know how smartly they managed to convince people that what’s happening is for a better future.

3. Get closer to your potential client

The most effective way to make sure that your potential clients will never reject your business proposal is by getting closer to them. If your hints, marketing messages, emails, and phone calls are not working, you need to ask for what they want. When you frame your words positively, it will amaze you how effective getting closer can be.

Here are 3 things you can do to get closer to your clients.

Know what they desire

When a client refuses or withdraws, take it as a sign to learn more about their desires. This might require some discussions with the person and the ability to listen carefully. There are so many ways to discover what they desire. For some people, meeting face to face is the only way to feel close and for some, having meaningful conversations is the way to feel closer to an offer.

Do not deny your willingness to do business with them

Remember, they are probably meeting many people like you, and showing your interest in grabbing the opportunity to associate with them is completely natural. Don’t try to appear like you’re checking things and don’t care about a rejection. Show them that you love working in that particular domain and you deeply care about whom you associate with. Accepting a business proposal from a supportive service provider who actually loves working is far more impressive and important than finding someone who has worked with big brands.

Make it easy

It is totally normal for your potential clients to have different needs. Sometimes your timing is off and probably your eagerness to hear a final decision may line up with their need for some space. Make it easy for them to ask questions, to know more, and take time to make a decision.

Keep in mind that trying to make everyone wear the same hat may not always help, but coming out of your comfort zone, getting closer to your client, and making efforts will surely get you what you want.

Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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