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Top 10 Short Haircuts for Black Men in 2018.

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( There aren’t that many options to style your hair if you’re a black man and if you also prefer to keep it short. For longer hair, sure, there’s always interesting things to do with it, but short hair doesn’t get a lot of wiggle room. This is especially true for curly hair, as black people tend to have.

Today, with the help of top-notch hairstylist experts, we’ve selected a few great options to work with. Go through our list of short haircuts for black men presented here and, if you’d still like to explore more styles, feel free to head over to Men Hairstylist.

1) The Neat Fade Short Haircut

The secret to this impressive and elegant hairstyle lies with the clean lines on the head’s sides. As long as you go to the barber’s regularly to maintain the clean cut of the fade, you will be one of the best-groomed men.

2) Back-swept Short Braids

Just because you want to keep your hair short doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider braids at all. As long as you don’t go for a buzz cut, your short-to-medium hair should be enough to create little braids. Once you have a barber create them, just sweep them towards the back every morning and you’re ready to go.

This is a beautiful and uncompromising haircut for black men, trim enough for a formal environment, but also a carrier of ethnic roots.

3) The High-Top Afro Hair

For a more dramatic effect, you can grow out the top of your hair into a bit more volume, and only trim or fade the sides. As you can notice from the picture, this is a great style for smart-looking black men, suitable for the both young and the more mature.

If you also happen to wear glasses, this haircut will make your presence really stand out, in a good way.

4) Classic Buzz Cut

You can never go wrong with classic approaches. This is one of the best-known short haircuts for black men, demure enough to be suitable in every occasion, but flattering enough for almost every face shape. Another advantage is that it’s among the easiest to maintain, so if you’d rather keep things simple, go for it.

5) The Sleek Side-Part Fade

This haircut is a good option for those who like to stand out with their modern looks. It requires a bit more care given to one’s appearance, but it’s definitely impressive.

In order to maintain its impact, you will need to visit the barber often enough to keep the skin fade in the side close-trimmed. Also, you will probably need to style the rest of your hair on the side every morning, but it will all be worth it.

6) Clean Cut Short Buzz Haircut

This is a great hairstyle for black men that like keeping it simple. It is a good look for almost everyone, and makes the wearer appear bath serious and easy-going enough to keep everyone at ease. If you think you are warm person, inspiring confidence in yourself and others, go for this haircut.

7) Faded Sides and Thick Top Hair

Another great style which is also easy enough to maintain is this faded sides haircut with a thick top. It’s perfect for black men with short hair, who like keeping it well-groomed and elegant.

All you need to do in order to obtain this look is to make sure the sides of your hair are always trimmed closer than the top, and allow the top to grow out a bit. The smooth fade from one area to the other will create a most pleasant effect.

8) Faded Cut with a Generous Beard

If you like maintaining a bit of wildness in your grooming style but are tired of the fully grown-out Afro, why not go for a beard instead? You can combine the generous beard with a tame faded cut hairstyle, and they will both balance each other out.

9) Graphic Skin Fade Lines with Buzz Cut

For those who are looking for something more uncommon, here is a neat idea. Black men’s natural hair is an ideal canvas for graphic lines made of skin fade trims. Because of the compact look of the dark curly hair, those lines will stand out all the more.

For this look, wait until your hair reaches that grown-out buzz cut look, and then it’s time to pick out the pattern you want. Ask your barber to draw out the skin fade lines and you’re all set. Keep returning for maintenance cuts every couple of weeks and you’ll be make an impression each time you enter the room.

10) Long Curly Top with Faded Sides

Also playing on the idea of faded sides is this nice and still short haircut for black men who like is classic. A hairstyle which looks good on anyone, it also has the advantage of being low-maintenance. The slightly curly top creates a pleasant source of patterned structure in your overall appearance, while the side fades keep it all neat.

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Staff Writer; LeBron Stewart 

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