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A Beginner’s Golf Equipment Guide.

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( As a beginner in a new sport, you are often inundated with different pieces of golf equipment that are an essential item you need to purchase before you can start playing at your nearest course. With so many different brands, colours, shapes, sizes, balls and tees to consider, it can easily become overwhelming when all you want to know about is the essential pieces of kit you will need to go and play golf with.

The key thing to remember as a beginner is to buy the basics you need to get out there and start learning to play the game. Then, once you have a better feel for your personal golf style, you’ll be able to start investing in equipment that specifically meets your playing needs.


When it comes to golf clubs, the main thing you need is a reliable bundle set of clubs that you can use on the course to start perfecting your golf swing. Make sure you don’t get carried away and purchase an extremely expensive set of irons, as you can easily pick up a well-priced bundle online. Another thing definitely worth investing in is a quality golf grip.


Don’t fall into the trap of purchasing a set of expensive golf balls if you are just a beginner. Chances are you will lose most of these balls when playing on the course and if you are just starting out, you don’t need to worry about a golf ball producing a fancy spin. Your main focus should be on finding a playable ball that doesn’t break the bank.

Advanced golfers often choose to spend more money on custom balls that suit their personal playing style. While you’ll get there someday, in the meantime there’s no sense spending a lot of money on golf balls as a beginner.

Golf Tees

These come in all different lengths, so before you start shopping for yours, it’s important that you determine the correct tee height for you. Once you have your correct height, you’ll be able to start shopping.


You should definitely invest in a golf glove, as this glove is specially designed to help you grip your golf club better. They will also prevent you developing blisters and keep your golf hand warm on cold days. Similar to tees and golf balls, any glove will do, as long as it offers good grip.


Whilst on the golf course, it’s important that your shoes have golf spikes. These offer better traction and comfort for when you are walking around the course or hitting shots from the rough and the bunker. Investing in a good pair of golf shoes will definitely pay dividends after a long five-hour round on tough terrain. The problem with this option is that it can be costly. With this piece of kit, it pays to shop around and do some research, so you can get the best possible deal without compromising on comfort and traction.

Golf Apparel

At any golf course, basic golf apparel is a must. Golf attire typically consists of golf trousers, either a long or short-sleeved polo shirt, a hat and golf shoes. Again, you’ll be able to find good deals if you take the time to shop around.

Staff Writer; Larry Ross

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