7 Interesting Facts About Facial Recognition Technology.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Technology connects people, forecasts weather, transports goods, grows businesses, and does a lot more. The possibilities are endless – but why do we fear technology? In movies, novels and on social media we have seen machines turning against humans. We have seen people misusing technology and following the path of destruction. All this leads to a change in perception. Technology is like a magic and until we get detailed explanations, we keep attaching our fear to new technologies. For many people, face recognition is a threat to privacy and security, but here are 7 interesting facts about facial recognition technology that prove that pros of this technology outweigh its cons.

1. Are you single? Let’s find a date for you

We all know that Tinder is one of the top mobile dating apps. You no longer have to use those pick-up lines and get rejected on the face if you are using this app. The online dating concept is now becoming better with face recognition technology. Some web-based app developers are taking things to a next level where you can find an ideal match using facial recognition algorithms. Some people find it creepy while many others say that it is a lot better than dealing with virtual profiles filled with coy details and photographs taken at the perfect angle. With facial recognition system, users can easily filter out irrelevant profiles and find more tailored search results.

2. Is someone missing? Let’s find them

In the U.S. alone, around 94,000 children go missing every year. The data from the U.S. Department of Justice reveals 90,000 cases of runaways and over 1000 cases of abduction. It is very serious and unfortunately not every child returns home. To find the lost ones, facial recognition technology is helping the government. An app in China has successfully reunited children with their families within one week of the app’s launch. There are many similar events taking place around the world and fortunately, the technology is helping more people every day. The concept of such apps is very simple. A family member can upload the picture of the missing person and the image is then scanned using facial recognition technology to identify matches.

3. Do you sleep while driving? Let’s keep you awake

Decades ago, an inventor brought the idea of putting a bell on the collar of drivers to help them stay awake while driving. Today, companies like Volvo are using highly advanced face recognition systems to help tired drivers by checking the driver’s alertness. Devices developed by these companies measure the position and angle of the driver’s head, and movements of eyes. If the system finds that a driver is not paying attention to the road and safety, it immediately cautions the driver. Automobile manufacturers are even working on giving personalized solutions such as auto adjustment of seats, auto-pilot mode, and personalized cockpit settings.

4. Carrying a cluttered phone? Let’s manage your photos

Organizing files on a laptop or mobile phone is boring and time-consuming, especially when you have a large collection of photographs. Office party pictures, photos taken during family holidays, selfies and there are so many ways you can categorize your photographs, but the biggest challenge is picking each of them and putting them in respective folders. With facial recognition technology, you can just make your photo collection enjoyable and manageable.

Solutions like Adobe Lightroom, Apple Photos, Google Photos, and other third-party apps come with a built-in face recognition feature. These tools allow you to tag people in photos by selecting their face and the software will recognize the person each time you get their photos on your device. These applications also create separate collections of photographs making your life easier.

5. Is violent crime on the rise? Let’s find the culprits

Face recognition system can be a great tool to reduce crime. Law enforcement agencies in some countries are using this technology to recognize people based on their face and eyes. The idea of preventing crimes before they actually occur sounds like an idea from a science-fiction movie. But surprisingly, we are now living in that digital age where crimes can be prevented by using face recognition technology.

By identifying suspects, many crimes can be prevented. For example, if security agencies have real-time data of people, they can easily track and prevent suspects from entering a particular place. Another way this technology can help us is that it can provide actionable analytics showing locations and time when most crimes happen.

6. Running a business? Let’s save you some money

With face recognition, business owners can save money in many ways. Solutions available today range from automated attendance trackers to security and productivity monitoring. Some retail stores have chosen the idea of learning customer behavior in-depth by using face recognition technology. Store owners are also getting to know more about their customers. Security service providers in shopping malls, theatres, and theme parks can easily monitor the behavior of visitors and can get a clear idea of who is visiting the place.

7. Concerned about your health? Let’s read the signs of disease

When you visit a doctor, it is not just about the eye-to-eye contact, but signs of several diseases can be read from your face. Face recognition technology uses similar ways to find facial traits that reveal clues to health conditions. Every day we look at our face in the mirror and we can’t easily recognize a change in our appearance. Machine learning helps in finding health issues with the help of face recognition technology. The new technology is also helping doctors to treat rare genetic disorders.

Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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