What Happened to Family.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) It seems the “I got to get mine” disease is taken over our community like the plague. Family, which is the cornerstone, of community is disappearing as elders’ transition from this life. It seems as though we loved the support, and encouragement the elders gave us, but we are not prepared to take up the mantle of family one they are gone. This is a serious issue as we face a time where we, as a people, are more vulnerable than ever. Our very culture is under attack and in the fight to get all we can get financially what we need in support is not showing itself.

It’s important to understand we don’t have to sacrifice family for advancement or security. There are various kinds of security, and having a support base rich in love, and culture, that backs you regardless of what you have is priceless.

Its understood that many of us see family as a burden, or a source of drama we’d rather live without. Truth is that’s not everyone’s experience, but the media would like us to believe that. Every family gathering is not a drama laden embarrassment. Many of us have elders that have been the rock of a foundation that created us. We learned strength, endurance, and solidarity from family. Solidarity is the part we tend to all to be sacrificed on the altar of our ambition.

In the times we live in there is simply no reason we can’t stay connected to family. So many of us have smart phones, and even our older family members have discovered social media. Granted, we may not always be able to visit as often as we like…but we can do better than just seeing loved ones at funerals. There is a strength, and rejuvenation that we can receive from the love positive energy of family.

Family is necessary in our community, and we can’t fight for community without strengthening the family. We must value the wisdom of the elders, and allow them to teach of through their eyes. Granted we live in a fast pace society whereby everyone is busy, and loaded with obligations. However, we must keep in mind others have a life also…we must plan and make time for family. It is important for children to know where they come from, and who they are connected to. It takes more than parents to raise rounded children…we claim it takes a village, yet too many of us disregard the village.

It is very important, as a people, that we get back to basics if we are ever to see healing and restoration come to our communities. Innovation and new ideas must come together with wisdom and experience in order for change to be affective and long lasting in community. Make time for the elders while they are still here. Family is a necessity that is vital to our success not merely a convenience, an we must value it as such.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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