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Girls In STEM and STEAM Make History Every Day.

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( There are many events that encourage learning and reflection in life journey. Thousands if not millions of girls of color and culture across the United States and even the world have experienced the wonder and exhilaration of Hidden Figures just a year ago, the movie that is inspiring girls and women of color across the nation and the world.

The understanding that math is a necessary skill and that STEM- Science Technology Engineering Math (Arts) is a real foundation for careers needing this educational initiative for the growing numbers of girls and women of color that are changing their thinking in choosing careers once dominated by men. Even girls and women of African backgrounds that were once denied entrance into educational centers, schools and higher education.

Educational opportunities are opening the STEM doors because the foundation is in STEM and STEAM. The Jacksonville, Florida girls mentoring initiative Empowerment Resources, Inc (ERI) – (JIW) Journey Into Womanhood has a different perspective of the sciences, math and working in careers that at one time girls did
not even consider. Now, literally the sky is not the limit, but traveling in space is a possibility and inner space, exploration of the oceans and seas.

Hidden Figures showed the mental strength, emotional resiliency and the passion for education that children of color and culture needed to witness and understand that they cannot allow anyone to stop their educational, personal and professional growth. Girls are creative and innovative in their talents and thinking. Girls of color and culture are learning they are Dope, Lit and Unstoppable.

Racial barriers are still present, it can delay or slow progress but it cannot stop it. Women are key in the progression and success of NASA, this can no longer be denied, hidden, silenced or false truths created to show that women and even men of color are important to the exploration of space. Diversity breeds success in STEM and STEM.

In the educational system students of color cannot be lied to and told that Blacks did not contribute to the success of the space program. Too many students of color have been lied to, and their aspirations crushed because they wanted something that their dreams saw they could achieve. To many years students of color have been denied the education necessary to be influential agents of change and told they should only enter into manual labor jobs of low stature, low  responsibility and even lower wages.

JIW Youth Advisory Council Member and High School senior Tierra and Deyona an 8th grade Middle School student share their thoughts about the movie and its influences.

Their voices and others need to be heard and applied to inspire and encourage others to follow their dreams and ignore the ignorance of racism, s*xism, bias and hate.

Feedback from Tierra

The movie Hidden Figures was a great movie because it inspired me to want to do more for my community. It showed me that women and men are capable of the same things. The movie showed that black women played an important role in landing the first man on the moon.

It also shows that to make a change you don’t have to be disrespectful or aggressive you can be assertive. My favorite part was the discussion after the movie. It was very interesting to see that many of the younger girls were inspired to make a change. I was also surprised by how many of the girls had similarities
to the women in the movie.

Feedback from Deyona

This movie was by far the most empowering movie I’ve ever seen. In the movie there are three African American women fighting for their rights. It shows the hardships and struggles of people who look like me. This movie has shown me that sometimes we have to be the first. There will be times when we have to set the example for future generations to come. Your destiny is not your job, it’s your calling.  Kathrine was just a computer for her job. But her calling lead her to her destiny being a direct influence and programmer for the Freedom 7 and even the Apollo 13 years later. Overall this movie has shown me when you walk with purpose, and strive toward your goal, you’ll collide with destiny.

Calling in your purpose can be applied to Taylor Richardson a member of JIW and her mother, they raised several thousand dollars in 2017 to allow hundreds of girls and boys to see this historic movie and create a movement of change so that boys  and girls of color can see their opportunities are unlimited by someone else’s standards. That when you walk in and towards
your purpose you are unstoppable.

The efforts of Taylor and her mother are making direct changes with the advocacy of STEM and STEAM being provided across the nation and even on global platforms in Africa and Asia. This energy must continue to create more opportunities to be available for girls, women, boys and men of color and culture to continue to make changes that influence not only outer space, but inner space as well.

Educational paradigms are changing to empower children of color,  their visions are expanding to careers that once were not even  imaginable. STEAM STEM STREAM CSTEM and others are growing that encourage diversity in color and gender.

Staff Writer; William D. Jackson 

Co-Authors; Tierra & Deyona

Find out more about this talented writer over at; OCS For Education.


2 Responses to “Girls In STEM and STEAM Make History Every Day.”
  1. Thank you David B. for those kind and inspiring words.
    If each of us encourages and supports a young person
    then each will achieve their dreams and change the
    paradigm to have a more inclusive STEAM influence.


  2. David B. says:

    Great article! I hope that more black girls and boys think “outside the box” of what the media feeds them as to the kinds of jobs and occupations they’re suited to perform.

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