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What Bill And Hillary Clinton Did To Haiti!

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LIKE all crime families the CLINTON’S are involved in many illicit endeavors , bank fraud, charities, drug dealing and murder when necessary but even by the CLINTON’S standards the theft of billions of dollars from the already impoverished nation of HAITI after the devastating 2010 earthquake that killed 300,000 people was a new low.

ACCORDING to former and present HAITIAN officials only .06 % of the donated money given by international donors to the CLINTON FOUNDATION for the rebuilding HAITI actually went to HAITIAN organizations and another 9.6 % wound up in the hands of the HAITIAN government the remaining 89.8 % about $ 5.4 BILLION was stolen away from the HAITIAN people .

THE CLINTON’S were also accused of raising another $100 million for the purpose of construction a hospital that was never built , it’s funny because the only presidential candidate that bought up the HAITIAN issue during the presidential campaign was TRUMP when he accused BILL CLINTON of using his influence to solicit donations from his FOB’S of ‘friends of bill’s’ in return for political favors and rebuilding contracts and according to the UNITED NATIONS office of special envoy to HAITI BILL CLINTON had undertaken 75 projects himself in the first year worth $3.2 billion but only five had been completed for only $84 million and the second year 2012 the IHRC reported that $ 9.5 billion been pledged and only $ 5.9 million had been disbursed but nobody knows where.

THE CLINTON’S have a long history in HAITI starting with their honeymoon and prior to the earthquake BILL CLINTON was named U.N special envoy to HAITI in 2009 but it still didn’t stop them from raising money in these poor people’s name and simply walking away with it and leaving a devastated country in complete ruins 7 years after the earthquake and also leaving the HAITIAN people hurt and angry.


MOST of us may not know this but HAITI is the child trafficking capital of the world and these people ‘child traffickers’ actually gravitate to calamities like natural disasters and war knowing these societies are busted up and many of its children are unprotected , LAURA SILSBY and her NEW LIFE CHILDREN’S REFUGE and 10 missionaries from IDAHO were some of these people who were caught trying to cross the DOMINICAN REPUBLICAN border with 33 HAITIAN children who were not orphans and had families and fake bandages had been placed on them to feign injury and since they did not have authorization to transport the children the HAITIAN government who were on the look out for traffickers arrested her and the group of missionaries.

NINE of the ten missionaries were later released but LAURA SILSBY was detained and put on trial and the found guilty but was only given time served and released.

AND now thanks to HILLARY’S aide HUMA ABEDIN who’s emails were leaked by WIKILEAKS , we know HILLARY had a long history with the child trafficker LAURA SILSBY and it started around 2001 , the emails also state HILLARY’S interest in LAURA purchasing the land in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC to build a orphanage but the D.R said she never made such a application.

HUMA was constantly sending articles to HILLARY about LAURA and her organization , they discussed her lawyer ‘JORGE PUELLO TORRES’ a man who also a convicted child trafficker and even more disturbing , how much does it cost to transport the children and also the most important thing that was discussed was HILLARY urging BILL to put pressure of the HAITIAN government to get LAURA released.

I can’t say for sure HILLARY is directly involved in child trafficking but the articles and emails paint a disturbing picture because LAURA SILSBY and her associates are all known child traffickers but you do have to ask yourself why would HILLARY have anything to do with a person like her?


THIS is a update of the HAITIAN story,in the wake of the CLINTON’S long political career the have left a trail of dead bodies long enough to wrap around the planet and almost all died mysteriously and at the most opportune time for the CLINTON’S like prior to elections and or court appearances and now we have the latest , it was a HAITIAN official due to testify last month at the HAITIAN SENATE -ETHICS AND ANTI- CORRUPTION COMMISSION, he was going to expose the extent of the corruption that went on in HAITI with the CLINTON FOUNDATION.

HIS name was KLAUS ERBERWIN and he stated many times to friends and family that he feared for his life , obviously he knew the history of the CLINTON’S, his friends and family are all shocked and claimed he was in good health and spirits and can’t believe he took his own life.

HIS death was ruled a suicide although he was shot in the head with a shot gun, KLAUS ERBERWIN was a fierce critic of the CLINTON’S and he was one of the HAITIAN official that openly protested at the CLINTON’S foundation headquarters in NEW YORK where he said of the CLINTON’S ‘ they are thieves, they are liars and a disgrace and he should’ve added they’re also killers! .


JUST a cursory search of the net on the CLINTON’S will reveal scandals and crimes going all the way back to the beginning of their political careers, sex scandals , federal investigations and mysterious murders have surrounded the CLINTON’S even to this very day.

HILLARY herself has had multiple extramarital affairs with male and female, she’s had multiple abortions and she’s obviously a pathological liar and yet 92% of black women and 87% of black men voted for her in the last presidential election, this say’s a lot about us as a people and it should cause us to reexamine our moral and ethical judgement because even if you hate TRUMP there’s nothing in his history or background that even compares to the CLINTON’S, we clearly need better political advice.

Staff Writer; Robert Jordan

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  1. The Clintons... says:

    Can’t believe how black people fell for their crap.
    Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton need to be behind bars.
    To literally pimp out Haiti. I shall never forgive them.

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