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Beware of Supplements.

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( In the era of the fitness and health craze many people are cleaning their diet, hitting the gym religiously, and increasing their intake of supplements. There are the vitamin, pre-workout, protein and weight loss supplements on the market. The truth is too many of us want optimum health overnight, and rapid weight loss like yesterday so many have turned to supplements for various reasons. The problem is most people using these supplements are unaware of the side effects, so in an effort to rush the process of health and fitness they run the risk of damaging vital organs. Furthermore, some of the supplements are not forth coming about the ingredients so you aren’t always certain of what you are taking. Taking a good multivitamin is good for you and it gives the minerals you may not have obtained through your food, but there is a such thing as too much of a good thing

Creating a diet that is rich in raw fruits and vegetables, exercising regularly, getting some sun, and getting adequate rest are all guaranteed ways to improve your health. Adding a vitamin to this regimen won’t hurt, but you must be careful not to take too much of any particular vitamin or mineral. Too much vitamin A, or vitamin C can have an adverse effect on your body. If you feel something is off consult your doctor before taking large amounts of vitamins. Just as you can overdose on any drug…you can overdose on vitamins.

Weight loss, muscle gain and sexual enhancement supplements fly off the shelves everyday promising a quick fix that often never arrives. Patience is not something our society thrives on, and it shows in everything we do. These supplements can be very dangerous as they can contain steroids, and other prescription grade chemicals that can not only can harm your body, but there are people that have experienced organ failure, and even death.

By law, dietary supplements must contain at least one vitamin, mineral, amino acid, enzyme, or other substance used by the body. But a growing number of supplements have also been spiked with prescription, banned, or completely untested drugs that you won’t find listed on the label. Products most likely to be spiked are those sold for weight loss, bodybuilding, and “sexual enhancement“—categories pitched largely to men.

The labels use the word “supplement,” but the capsules might contain steroids, erectile-dysfunction drugs such as sildenafil (the active ingredient in Viagra), or any of a number of weight-loss drugs, some of which have been pulled from the market over safety concerns. It’s an old scam, but with the globalization of drug manufacturing and the ease of Internet retailing, your odds of coming across a tainted supplement are higher than ever.” – Men’s Health 2011

The risk of some of these supplements is entirely too high. Many fitness coaches don’t recommend their clients use pre-workout supplements. It is suggested they drink water, eat right, get adequate sleep, and be diligent in their workout regimen. Trying to take a shortcut could cost you the body and health you were working to develop. Be careful when you choose to engage in supplement usage. Talk to your health professional before blowing your money and health on a gimmick. When it comes to vitamins just keep in mind too much of any vitamin and damage your body. Do your research thoroughly before engaging in supplements.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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  1. Owen Fonorow says:

    Sirs, May I compliment you for your support of Big Pharma! I sincerely hope that you all are being well compensated for lying to your readers.

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