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Can Blood Unify.

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( It is a shame that our government don’t do their jobs with their constituency in mind. It’s very easy to sit on capitol hill and make laws that don’t benefit the American people. One can raise the argument that they don’t see themselves as one of us. They are so high above us that it doesn’t dawn on them that the poison they create will one day kill them. Republicans and Democrats fight like the nastiest gangs in this country with no regard to rules. They bicker about issues that affect the average American every day. However, because they don’t have to deal with the direct consequences of their policy decisions they continue to behave in an irresponsible manner. They are like the Greek Gods having petty fights at the expense of mere mortals…until they learn that even the Gods can die.

Everyday there are Americans that face life threatening, and even life ending, injuries due to gun fire. Many have tried to reason with the NRA and Republicans that no one is trying to deny them their right to bear arms, however it needs to be regulated. How many more children must fall victim to gun fire? How many more people will be allowed to carry guns that are mentally unstable? Whenever gun control is brought up Republicans act like regulation is new…ignoring that to drive a car in this country regardless of the state one must have a driver’s license. There are regulations on driving a car…why not guns? On the opposite end of the aisle one must ask how hard are Democrats willing to fight for gun control because sometimes both sides seem to lose sight of where their loyalties lie.

However, when a Congressman in shot in cold blood by the very kind of person that should have been regulated one must ask how does it feel to be us. It was very unfortunate that Congressman Scalise was shot, and others, and we never wish violence upon anyone. Yet, it should be asked how long did Republicans like Scalise think they could ignore gun control before the terror that many Americans live show up in their back yards. The life of this congressman is not more important than the life of the lady next door. This is what our congressional leaders, and apparently, the White House Administration don’t seem to grasp. If you aren’t willing to do your job which involves insuring a safe society for all Americans, you may become a victim just like other Americans.

Can the shooting of one of their own get congress to stop fighting so that it can work for the greater good of all Americans? Is the blood of Congressman Scalise enough to make them understand the pain their policies have subjected many Americans to live with? Can they actually get it together?

Today, Congress is not made up of Democrats or Republicans. Today, a tragedy has joined us together in unity.” – Representative Alan Lowenthal

What’s sad is it took a congressman being shot to even consider that both sides of the aisle needed to work together. Thousands of Americans have endured the same tragedy, and worse, yet their blood wasn’t enough for our congress to stop fighting and do their job. No, they won’t get it together because the idea of change only seems to occur when tragedy is present. They only get it when blood is forced to run from congressional offices. Honestly, I don’t think blood will unify our government. Unfortunately, they may be just beginning to see the consequences of the actions they refuse to take.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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