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Reality is a Teacher.

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( I was always taught what wisdom could not teach the hardships of life would make crystal clear. There are many lessons we can learn from the shooting of Congressman Steve Scalise. It is not insensitive to acknowledge that he helped support the climate that would critically injure him, and others. It seems that we don’t understand the error of our ways, sometimes, until we are facing the ultimate consequences of our choices.

When discussing healthcare, and congress, there are many Americans that would agree congress would be able to come to reasonable health care legislation if they had their insurance stripped…and they had to deal with insurance as in the same manner as the average American. If they were denied insurance for pre-existing conditions they would make sure that was rectified for Americans. If congress could not give themselves as raise, but their pay was performance based like the rest of us…they would be forced to do their jobs.

Well, reality taught a violent lesson today. No one is safe from harm; no one is immune to gun fire. There irony is the average American is aware of this reality because they either arm themselves, or they are in fear of those that wield weapons. This country has drug laws that are not the same for every American, our justice department is not fair to every citizen, and hatred is running rampant in our streets at a level we have not seen in a long time. Those of us that study history are not surprised, but it is cause for pause when public officials begin to fall. However, there is a problem in that fact that we have be subconsciously programmed to value the life of our leaders over our own. The truth is they are not supposed to merely see other congressmen as their brothers and sisters…but also their countrymen of whom they represent. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

Today the chicken began to come home to roost. What does congress plan to do about it, because it would have to take a serious stance on the behalf of Republicans to look the NRA in the face and say gun regulation is mandatory. No, we don’t want to take your guns, but everyone is not capable of owning one safely. What happened today should not just make congress re-consider gun regulation…they should reconsider why they serve the people of this country and why. America is not just the 1%…it’s every single citizen of this country. It is important to seek wisdom because when life has to teach the lesson people don’t just get injured…they die.

If our congress study history closely they will find that the mightiest nations were bought to their knees from inside. They will see that the mistreatment of the masses leads to chaos and discord that leads to violence in the streets on large scales. America has the tools to be great, but the question is does she have the heart, and the backbone. Many will say yes, but it appears we have allowed life…reality to begin to teach, and that could be considered an indicator that our leadership needs to find both its heart, and backbone on the side of justly serving this nation.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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