Attention Business Owners: Here’s How To Make Your Brand Stand Out.

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(ThyBlackMan.comBranding is often considered the secret to business success. If your company is well-branded, then you’ll see lots of attention, and can make a load of sales. The key is ensuring your brand stands out. In this piece, you’ll see two tips that can help you do just that:

Come Up With Brand Colors

One trick a lot of big businesses do is they come up with a color scheme that identifies their brand. Think about Mcdonald’s, one of the largest businesses in the world. Their logo uses a red background with a yellow M. They’ve been using this for years, and their website follows the same colorway as do their signs in restaurants, etc. As a result, when most people see red and yellow together, they associate it with Mcdonald’s. Consequently, they’re getting their company into people’s minds and making their brand stand out.

This is what you need to do with your business. Create brand colors that will be prevalent in your logo and on your website/social media channels. Then, work on using these colors in as many other ways as possible. Come up with t-shirts and merchandise that utilizes the same colors. You could even get your hands on some powder coating equipment to help cover desks and other things in your brand colors. You can usually get this type of equipment at Reliant Finishing Systems or other companies that focus on powder coating.  Doing this can help pimp out your office and ensure anyone that comes in will see the colors and associate it with your brand forever.

Create A Unique Message

The best-branded companies are those with unique messages that make them stand out. Apple is a great example of this, their underlying brand message is that they’re a tech company that does things differently. They’re all about being simple yet classy. This is evident in everything they do, from their stores to the packaging of their products. It’s all very different to what else is on the market, and it’s all incredibly simple yet classy. Their Apple Stores are very simply laid out, there are no shelves cluttering up space, it’s a very easy store design, the likes of which you don’t see anywhere else. Even the way you buy things is different, a worker helps you find what you want, then uses their iPad to call up the sale, and you can pay right there without having to go to a cash register. Their packaging is the same, there are no endless boxes and layers to rip through. You don’t have streams of documents inside to read. It’s simple and sweet.

Your business needs to work on creating your unique message to consumers. Tell them what your company is about, and what makes you different from the rest. Then, act on your message, and make it clear to see in the things you do and the things services you provide. This attracts people to your company and helps make your brand stand out.

As a business owner, you should eep these tips in mind if you want to improve brand awareness and move your company forwards.

Staff Writer; Doug Rice