Several Ways That Young African Boys Are Being Harmed By The Public School System In America.

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( The Public School System In America POSITIVELY SUCKS because our young boys are being harmed by bigots who care very very little for them and their future.

The reason why I am writing this particular article is because I want to inform readers about the dangers of putting your kids, especially your young boys in the hands of bigots who have repeatedly shown that they have no incentive to properly educate your child nor teach them on how to make good life decisions as well as being a critical thinker. I was a young black boy myself back in the day that went through some of the struggles that I personally went through during my years in the public school system.

The School-to-Prison pipeline is a modern day holocaust where thousands of African kids, particularly African boys in this country are being forcibly removed from the classroom and being shipped off to prison where the psychological and physical abuse and torture in prison is extremely egregious.

Intro: Here are several ways that young African boys are being harmed by the public school system in America.

1. Being Systemically Criminalized – Many public schools across the country have heavy security presence as well as metal detectors so they systemically criminalize young African boys by searching them for any guns or drugs so they can just lock them up and make money off of them. Many young African boys are systemically criminalized from the minute they step inside the public school doors and are seen are “criminals” and “menaces” by the public school system.

2. The Suburban Teachers Inability To Relate To Young African Boys – These female suburban teachers (most are very unqualified to teach and can’t even relate to young African boys) often overreact to what young African boys do in the classroom, so they automatically either write a referral or call in racist security guards to “clean up” the “troublemakers” nine times out of 10 these days.

3. Being Told That They’re “Not Smart Enough” – I remember when I was a young black boy back in the early 90s, the suburban teachers frequently told my grandma that I “wasn’t as smart” as the kids who looked liked them and this used to greatly infuriate me and I remember thinking, “I’ll definitely prove them wrong one day” and I truly lived up to my word when my reading, writing, and math skills had greatly improved during my 4th grade school year and a year later, I made my very first ever A-B Honor Roll (which is one of the proudest moments of my life).

4. Being Called Names – Young African boys are the primary targets of being called names by suburban teachers in the public school system like n*****s, apes, monkeys, criminals, and thugs on a daily basis and this has a very psychologically harmful effect on young African boys today in the public school system that causes many of them to get caught up in unhealthy, destructive habits that could either get them sent to the morgue or to prison.

5. Being severly miseducated – It’s no secret that the Eurocentric curriculum in the public school system that constantly being indoctrinated into the minds of young African boys is that they are nothing more but the descendants of slaves, they invented “nothing“, and they were “immigrants” who were brought to America. And this type of indoctrination will cause young black boys to not unlock their true potential as well as looking at life and history from a very falsified Eurocentric view.

The Conclusion – To protect our young boys from these bigots who want to only harm them in the public school system, either pull them out of the public school system or basically keep them away from it.

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)