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Donald Trump Tells The Truth, Americans Stop being scared!

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Donald Trump’s aggressive truth-telling revealed all manner of evil in the political and media establishments. With his outspokenness and gut sense, and with the John Podesta emails released by WikiLeaks, Donald Trump and other whistleblowers have revealed shocking wickedness and collusion between the media, government and both political parties. We truly need to drain the swamp.

‘Hate crime’ hoaxes vs. real violence

We’ve seen vicious assaults on Trump supporters – male and female victims of many races and ages, including even the homeless.

Yet the media harp on about “hate crimes” (many of which are hoaxes), Nazi salutes and David Duke. But black-on-white crime and cop killing are the real out-of-control crimes of bias in America. These are incited by the left, not Donald Trump.

Still, we all should self-police as the tea party did, shunning overreaction and agitation. We should not join in slander, violence and denial as the left does. Fight as hard as they do, and call out their lies. Be cunning, organized and relentless, but do not hate. Youamericatrump will only make the dishonest media appear right.

The liberal media fawn over corrupt, tyrannical people like Fidel Castro, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, but cry that Trump is a “fascist” and “authoritarian”! Now they want us to believe their conspiracy theories about “fake news,” which they blame for Trump’s election. What could the liberal media consider to be “fake news”? Legitimate concerns such as Hillary’s health proved right despite all their denial. The mainstream media despise independent-thinking Americans like Donald Trump, and think We the People are stupid.

Evil in high places

The media and social media establishments are attempting to suppress investigation into “PizzaGate” – alleged pedophilia and Satanism practiced by political insiders and elites. These suspicions were bolstered by WikiLeaks’ “Podesta” emails.

Investigative journalist David Seaman says WikiLeaks has not released a fraudulent email in its 10 years of whistleblowing.

Seaman is leaving Twitter over apparent censorship and bias by CEO Jack Dorsey. Prominent conservative actor James Woods also famously quit Twitter over its attempts to suppress Trump supporters, prominent “alt-right” personalities, conservative opinions and anti-Hillary hashtags.

Seaman urges people to search terms like “Podesta pizza” on WikiLeaks (“cheese pizza” is apparently a commonly known code word for “child pornography”) – sick stuff that makes Anthony Weiner’s disgraceful issues seem almost innocent in comparison.

Remember when everyone was shocked by the cover-up of homosexual Catholic priests having sex with little boys? Early on, many of us did not know what to believe.

Now we have a liberal media quick to cover up for powerful people we all know are corrupt, and who may be affiliated with the sickest cruelties against the most innocent human beings.

And by now, we well know Democrats are not the only evil people in Washington. Many, if not most, Republicans in power have proven to be as wicked and phony as the shameless liberals.

Americans, keep watch

Let honest people be wary. Investigate and expose evil – but do not rush to judgment or falsely accuse anyone, no matter who it is. And do not overreact.

This week proved controversial for Donald Trump’s transition team. Donald Trump appointed Gov. Nikki Haley of South Carolina (whose political correctness and pandering to liberals disappointed many) as U.N. ambassador.

I personally want America out of the U.N. and wish Haley were not rewarded after her past behavior, but I suspend judgment because I don’t know all that goes on, and Donald has proven right in ways that have surprised me.

The Trump transition team has also caught huge blowback from many Trump supporters for appearing to consider Gov. Mitt Romney as secretary of state.

Like many, I felt extremely disappointed by Romney’s cowardice in his failed 2012 campaign against Barack Obama, and then his sudden fake bravery in 2016, speaking out against Donald Trump.

Donald Trump does not think in the same box that most of us do. He does things I wouldn’t do. But often he turns out right, and he wins. Until he proves wrong, I trust Trump.

Look at how the liberals fear-monger over Steve Bannon and others. We needed a great outcry over Barack Obama’s appointments, like Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, whose DOJ proved disastrous for justice in the country.

Let’s treat our incoming administration with the scrutiny great Americans like Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh gave Obama, but also with a sense of real hope and change.

Christians and all men, keep watch

I strongly urge all Americans to practice this watchfulness and fight for good in your own lives. We the People are to blame for our corrupt government, the masses of brainwashed young people and many “minorities” who vote for the enemies of good – even at times duped ourselves.

At my church services, I’ve said even in Christian families, there is acceptance of sin and anger, which hurts children and instills weak character and weak personalities. It’s a sure way to lose a country.

We need a return to a “no-excuse” mindset, no longer ignoring wrong.

If our country is to survive, if we want to restore freedom, We the People must return to eternal vigilance within.

Written by Jesse Lee Peterson

Official website; http://twitter.com/JLPtalk

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