Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein has us yearning for new Democratic leadership.

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( I listened to Bernie Sanders tonight on the live feed, and quite frankly I was deeply disappointed with his speech. It sounded to me that he wanted us to join Hillary Clinton to transform the Democratic Party. Hillary Clinton is the same person who wanted to bomb Isis over the Orlando shootings, and who stole the election from Bernie Sanders.

Apparently even Bernie Sanders has not listened to us. We are tired of endless wars. We are tired of trigger-happy authoritarians. We want a movement toward the future. We want to do something JillandBernie-2016about global warming, crumbling infrastructure, health care, and corrupt politicians. We have an oligarchy and it is not okay to endorse a member of that oligarchy so that she can throw a few crumbs down to the peasants like all of the so-called liberal leaders have done since World War II.

We would hope that he would endorse Jill Stein or run independently with Jill Stein, but no he is going to literally cut off his adoring army of people who would do anything for him, and let them languish. Bernie Sanders’s army is tired of cowering in fear. They are tired of being told that they have to vote for the lesser of two evils, because we might elect the bogeyman.

Well, take a look at our last Democrat. He expanded the wars, and bailed out the banks. He assassinates people in sovereign nations remotely without trial, without trying to communicate to the nation that harbors the person he wants to kill. He has become a third world war lord, killing whoever he wants. Bernie Sanders has asked us to continue this.

We are tired of being afraid. We are tired of the peasant’s crumbs, and ready for real change. It’s time to head to the third parties.

Written by Tara Boxman

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