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STEAM and the Educational Growth of Children in 2016.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) This blog was originally written in 2013, much has changed in the opportunities for children of color and culture to grow and develop into Nerds, Blerds, Geeks and

In our educational systems nationwide, where children of color and culture are taught not just the educational curriculums and strategies for successfully passing assessments, educators teach the value of education by integrating project based learning.

It should be known that the development of knowledge in itself is not transformative, the application of knowledge, creativity and innovation is powerful.

The educational initiatives of STEAM, STEM, STREAM CSTEAM

and even STEM2 are vital to prepare youth for current and future careers. Students of color and culture do not care about statistics, graphs, charts, Excel spreadsheet. They want to know how
they can use these skills to provide for their families and build their communities.

This is why educators at all levels must make their instruction relevant and apply to real world situations not to pass a mandated state assessment.

The investment of STEAM Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics can be seen in the development of hand-on projects, collaborative and cooperative learning activities that show the significance of hands-on learning that is interactive and educationally engaging for students. These activities are also the precursors to career selections for students that have unknown talents and abilities to do great things in this world. Teachers cultivate and nurture critical thinking skills in their students.

Society can no longer teach with old school traditional lecture methods. Today’s students are interactive, they need to be engaged, involved and even entertained.

Instruction in schools can no longer be teacher centered in its direction to teach concepts, strategies, standards, there needs to be a transition to student centered learning in today’s schools even in higher education. Tech labs must be available to allow individual
research and learning, group learning and gender collaboration.
STEAM/STEM integration encourages students to be the center of attention in learning, the teacher sets the parameters and learning objectives to accomplish tasks that are fashioned to teach diverse areas of interactive learning.

The students understand that learning can be fun first, engaging second, and transformative third.  The connections from Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics involving higher order and critical thinking skills.

When incorporating the “R” for Reading students apply comprehension
for understanding. Instead of hearing from teachers that they “better” understand what is being read, there is a “reason” why comprehension is important.

Chinua Achebe, Nigerian author states that children should never be afraid of reading and should be excited to go to libraries and museums. It is the responsibility of parents to make this a reality.

See Dick and Jane run up and down a hill do not cut it, students could be building bridges, rockets or robots along with reading what is the speed of Dick if he falls down the hill or how fast would Jane have to run to catchup with Dick as he rolled down the hill. Reading is important to follow directions to complete tasks, but teaching it like a Dick and Jane book ruins the excitement and the fun!!!

Real world experiences in careers shows children of color and culture to see past traditional careers, they get a chance to see what the future potentially holds.

STEM2 (squared) integrates Medical aspects and CSTEAM incorporates Computer initiatives. Students are learning that they can be Geeks, Nerds, Blerds, and start their own businesses. Society cannot afford to dumb down learning because early childhood students are watching Star Wars, Star Trek, Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers, Iron Man, and Captain America, they’re wondering how they too can build robots, drones, spaceships and have an influence in the world.

News reports from NPR show that the direction for careers is changing and students must be exposed to information and resources to keep up with change.


The Airforce is in need of drone pilots, children of color and culture and women need to consider careers that open new directions and demand new skills.

What was once thought of as out of bounds for children of color and culture are now new opportunities to receive high tech education and advancement not seen in the last 10 years.


Parents, especially parents of color and culture must understand the future implications in employment and careers for their girls and boys. Higher educational access to resources that encourage community engagement and a higher level of interaction and educational attainment for students that involve learning outside the classroom and involved in the community.

If parents do not want their children to return home after graduating from college or stay home after high school graduation they must continue to be parents, to guide their children far away
to start careers that allow for occasional visits. If you have adult children, you understand the importance of stable, progressive careers that allow your children to grow away from home.

To spread their wings to fly….

The choice is simple for 180 days of school, learning, growing, exposure and adapting to new ideas for development, teachers must challenge their students engagement and build their intellectualism and how to apply their intelligence. There should not be any
consideration of color, culture, gender of lifestyle. All students matter in any educational arena and teacher must be prepared to teach the diversity of our world.


Staff Writer; William D. Jackson

Find out more about this talented writer over at; OCS For Education.

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