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Great Habits That Will Make You A Safer Driver.

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(ThyBlackMan.comAside from a few reckless individuals, I believe that young people make great drivers. The pressure of first passing your test can be extremely nerve-wracking, and as a result the precise rules of the road are always on a young driver’s mind. As we get older, we let many of these rules and practices slip, putting ourselves at more risk of a serious accident. To avoid this risk, here are some tips to make yourself a safer driver.

One thing almost every experienced driver can benefit from is becoming more aware of blind spots. When some of us are first learning how to drive, one of the hardest things is remembering to check our blind spots. Failing to do this can mean failing the test, not to mention putting yourself in a lot of danger! Sure, your mirrors are there to be used, and for the most part they’ll give you a pretty good view of everything happening behind you. Still, you need to be making a point of actually turning to look at the lanes behind and 2017young-black-man-drivingnext to your car. Aside from your own blind spots, you should also be thinking about what other drivers can see, particularly truckers. While it would certainly be rare, remembering your blind spots could save your life!

Next, make sure you’re keeping your vehicle in good shape. Like many, you may feel like the recommended maintenance schedule of your car is part of some big, sinister conspiracy to help garages bleed more money out of you. While there may be some truth in this, those maintenance schedules aren’t thought up out of the blue! When you stick to the recommended schedule, you’ll get a certain guarantee that your car will steer, accelerate and brake exactly as you need it to. Legal professionals in the auto niche like personal injury attorney Sean Park are always coming across accident cases that are complicated because one of the drivers hadn’t been exercising proper maintenance.

Finally, know your car’s limits and keep them in mind whenever you’re driving. The more we drive a vehicle, the more we get used to the little kinks and nuances that are part of it. When you start to drive something new, you have to start that process all over again! If you’ve recently bought a new car, then you’ll be making your driving experience a lot safer by getting a feel for the vehicle as soon as possible. For the first few times on the road at least, turn off the music and focus solely on how the car is reacting to the contours of the road. Once you get used to these, try to make them part of your instinctive driving habits. For example, if you feel the weight of the whole vehicle leaning too far when you’re taking a corner, then make a point of keeping your turns steady and gradual.

There you have three of my best tips for avoiding a traffic accident. Remember that the one, overarching habit you need is keeping your undivided attention on the road ahead!

Staff Writer; Dan Freeman

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