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The Systemic Oppression Of Black People In Alabama.

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( When I first heard about this innocent black man getting profiled & killed by an MPD officer, I wasn’t surprised because I knew it would happen sooner or later.

There are many police agencies like MPD that are the most corrupt in the country because The KKK is known to have infiltrated many of them that allows them to legally get away with killing innocent unarmed black people.

A History Of Corruption By The Montgomery Police Department.

A cover-up after a deadly police shooting of a black man in 1975 led to the resignation of the mayor, police chief and multiple officers. The city has erected two monuments in memory of the victim, Bernard Whitehurst.alabama-2016

In 1983, months of unrest followed a confrontation in which two plainclothes police officers burst into a home full of funeral mourners believing something suspicious was going on. The mourners turned on the men, saying they didn’t realize they were police.

Some of the 11 people who were arrested later claimed officers beat them during questioning. The mourners were acquitted after contentious trials.

Last year, a 19 year old black man had died in The Montgomery City Jail under very suspicious circumstances & the subsequent coverup that happened after that. And the young kid’s family is still bitter & furious that The MPD has never even given them the answers they need.

My personal contempt of police actually started when I was young when I kept seeing my older brothers were being systemically targeted & arrested several times a year. This senseless killing of an innocent black man only fuels by personal contempt for police in general, especially The MPD.

Montgomery is to me the most corrupt city in The State of Alabama. Alabama is a whole is The 4th Most Corrupt State In The Country because there are laws & people in place to protect this vast amount of corruption in Montgomery that starts at the top with The Mayor.

Last year, in a racially motivated tactic to restrict black folks from voting & even getting licenses at DMV offices in predominate black counties in Alabama, The Alabama State Government tried to permanently shut them down.

Only to turn around & reopen those DMV offices after they got a lot of heat for even closing them.

The reason why Montgomery is such a corrupt city because of the laws in place to keep the rich white folks on the east side at the top & poor black folks on the north, south, & westside at the bottom.

The main reasons why they put us in The Hood was to make us feel sorry for ourselves, blind to our own ignorance, & self-destruction.

Another reason for this systemic oppression of black people in Montgomery, especially in Alabama is that The System had deliberately allowed the guns & drugs to be put specifically in black neighborhoods to get us killed over the drugs, arrested for having the drugs, & destroying our families with the drugs.

I read a story of how corrupt racist police officers in Dothan, Alabama deliberately planted drugs in black neighborhoods just to get young black men arrested for having the drugs.

Another reason for this systemic oppression of black people in Montgomery is that most black rappers partake in it by claiming to be “real” to the point of caring about their people and their community, but the messages that most of them put out here are very harmful in general.

The reason why I say that most rappers here in Montgomery spit very harmful music is because when they promote & glorify criminal activity, heavy drug distribution & consumption, heavy alcohol consumption, violence & homicide amongst young black men, materialism, mass incarceration, & disrespecting black women, It’s A Form Of Very Harmful Music That’s Being Promoted Constantly Here On The Local Urban Radio Stations That Are Owned & Controlled By Corporate Entities Like Clear Channel & Cox Communications.

One Example Of That Is When A Street Gang In Selma Called DTE came out with a video last June entitled “War” in which promotes & glorifies violence & homicide amongst young black men.

It’s one thing for rappers to talk about violence as if it has led to tragedy in their life when a they talk about how they felt when they lost a sibling or a relative or friend to violence, there’s nothing wrong with that.

But it’s another thing when they talk about “I’mma shoot 100 rounds straight at your face”, “Double Clip AK, I’ll Bring That Gun Plate, Everywhere Your Head Lay!!!“, That’s Glorifying Violence To The Point Taking Part In Their Own Self-Destruction.

I’m an intellectual Black guy who isn’t afraid to speak truth to power, even if it makes folks feel uncomfortable.

The Conclusion – We are strong enough to make a stand and unify to take a stand against systemic oppression.

Staff Writer; Joe Davis

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