The Murders in Orlando Had Nothing to Do with Homosexuality.

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( Everyone knows my position on the radical homosexual agenda being forced upon our country. I totally disagree with it. Marriage is between one man and one woman. Homosexuality is not compatible with Christianity, nor should homosexuals be legally recognized as a protected class.

Having said that, as I predicted and expected, homosexuals have attempted to use the tragedy in Orlando to advance their ultimate political goal—forced acceptance of their lifestyle choices upon all Americans.

The murder of 49 people in Orlando had absolutely nothing to do with homosexuality. I repeat, the murder of 49 people in Orlando, Florida last weekend had absolutely nothing to do with homosexuality.

This was an act of terror, plain and simple!

Murder, by definition, is an act of hate. So it seems kind of ridiculous to argue that this was also a hate crime. Calling the murders in Orlando a hate crime is like saying I am dating my girlfriend. Huh? Exactly.2016-Orlando-shooting

I have never heard of anyone murdering out of love, but I digress.

As soon as I found out that the Orlando murders took place at a homosexual nightclub, I told everyone you can best believe that the “first gay president” would move heaven and earth to make a personal visit to Orlando.

Not only that, but Obama had the U.S. flag lowered to half-staff. This declaration meant flags nation-wide and at all U.S. embassies around the world were required to lower their flags.

When will the flags in Chicago be lowered to half-staff? When will they get a presidential visit? When will President Obama demonstrably show anger about the constant, seemingly daily, loss of life there?

Last September alone in Chicago, you had nine people murdered in one day and not a word from Obama or the rest of America.

The Black Lives Matter movement all of a sudden got laryngitis, because Black lives only matter when a White person is involved in a death of a Black person, not when it is Black on Black crime.

There was no wall-to-wall coverage on TV about the murders in Chicago. There were no U.S. Senate filibusters taking place in D.C. on gun control, and not one flag was lowered to half-staff.

Oh, snap, my bad. These victims were all Black and Latino heterosexuals. So they don’t count! The murders in Chicago are being perpetrated by domestic terrorists: gangs and drug dealers. So this type of murder is to be tolerated.

So, maybe, just maybe if the family members of the murdered victims in Chicago were to posthumously “self-identify” their loved ones as homosexual, maybe the spotlight would be shined on the epidemic murder rate there. Maybe.

It seems President Obama is incapable of making an emotional connection with anything involving the Black community. He cried like a baby when talking about the Newtown, Conn., murders a couple of years ago, but always seems to be distant when confronting the Black community.

Since, we know most of the media is liberal, their making the Orlando story about homosexuality should come as no surprise. I fail to see the relevance of the murders taking place at a homosexual club.

Why is that even relevant to the story? When tragedy strikes at a heterosexual club, the media never describes it as heterosexual. So why was it necessary for the media to indicate that Pulse was a homosexual club?

Oh, I forgot, mainstream media wanted to create the narrative that the murders happened at Pulse, because the club was popular with homosexuals, but the media got egg on their face when they reluctantly discovered that the murderer himself was indeed homosexual.

So can the murders still be considered a hate crime targeting homosexuals even though the perpetrator himself was a member of the very group the media claimed he hated?

The media should be ashamed of themselves for attempting to create a homosexual narrative to further its liberal political agenda. This was a terrorist act period.

While some may think it is cool to use the Orlando tragedy as an opportunity to promote the radical liberal homosexual agenda, it is not smart nor is it safe. Enough with political correctness and let’s focus more on the safety of all Americans, not just homosexual Americans.

Staff Writer; Raynard Jackson

Mr. Jackson is also founder of a political and industrial consultant firm which is based in Washington, DC; Raynard Jackson & Associates.