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How The NCAA and their institutions help perpectuate the racial steteotype of black male criminality in America.

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( Just a week ago two black Alabama Football players were arrested and charged with illegal possession of a firearm and possession of marijuana. And then two weeks ago, four Auburn football players were arrested and charged with possession of marijuana.

When I read the story online, the first thought that came to my mind was, “These universities that are making millions of dollars off the exploitation of these athletes, 86% of them come from rough impoverished areas are actually doing their job in perpectuating the racial stereotype of black men in America as “criminals and thugs“.

Not only that, but the mainstream media is full of fake stories 2016-NCAA-Footballespecially the negative ones where most of the mugshots put on the news are black men that fuel the myth of black male criminality in America.

It’s so secret that black men in America, especially intellectual black men are seen as a threat to The System especially The NCAA aka The National Communists Against Athletes.

It reminds me of a trainer fearing a massive elephant and controls its mind to make it dependent and subservient, but if that elephant mentally wakes up and realizes the trainer is exploiting him, he will lift his foot up and smash the trainer killing the trainer.

That’s why there is a consistent effort by The NCAA and their institutions to keep black athletes dumbed down by doing two things: keeping him distracted and uneducated.

It’s a shame that many young black men have been taught to believe by their mothers, coaches, and the media “As long as you can throw a football or dribble a basketball, you never have to learn how to read and that’s a myth that many young black men buy into unfortunately.

Some of our greatest athletes from Allen Iverson to Terrell Owens are severely uneducated because education for them was never their top priority, basketball and football were. And now, they’ve got a lot of financial and baby mama problems, alcohol and drug addiction with several STDs because they slept with every woman they came across from within 100 feet.

There are many white college athletes that are making the same mistakes as black athletes, but with the exception of Johnny Manziel, most of their mistakes are never reported in the mainstream media, especially ESPN.

When black college athletes make mistakes, their mistakes are broadcasted live on ESPN for the whole country to see just how in their minds “criminal and thuggish” these black male college athletes are.

The Conclusion – It’s time for black male college athletes to stop glorifying ignorance and self-destruction and embrace education and skills.

Staff Writer; Joe Davis

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One Response to “How The NCAA and their institutions help perpectuate the racial steteotype of black male criminality in America.”
  1. Realman2 says:

    Good article, all of it is true. But I don’t expect the black man, let alone the black student athlete, to ever sit down and critically think this matter through.

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