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African American Personal Responsibility.

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( Today in this country African Americans want to blame everyone else for our problems instead of simply looking in the mirror. We want to blame the police for the very thing we do to each other on a much larger scale every week. We want to blame the school teachers when our children do not learn. We want to blame the white man for holding us down. We want to blame the government for failing to take care of us. We want to blame the system. We want to blame the devil. But what we do not want to do is face up to the reality of personal responsibility. And those things that were once valid reasons for our oppression have become one-sided excuses.

In many cases the police are at fault. In many cases the teachers are not teaching as they should. In many other cases social programs have been set up as traps for us. Yes racism exists on many levels and yes there is a plan to oppress, subjugate and eventually destroy African Americans. But all that being said, we cannot and must not blackcommunitylet things stop us. Nor must we continue to make them excuses which allow us to abdicate our personal responsibilities to ourselves, our children and our community.

It is our African American parents who are letting their children roam the streets. It is our parents who are letting their children smoke weed, use drugs and hang out with the wrong people. It is our parents who are not checking homework or making sure the children go to school. It is the parents who are letting the children play violent video games like Grand Theft Auto, listen to degrading rap and hip hop trash like Nikki Minaj, Kanye West, Little Wayne and Rihanna. And as a result, the educators and police officers are having to confront what the parents will not. This, of course, is not true of all African American parents. But it is true of far too many. As a former detective, I saw it. As a family and relationship counselor, I confronted it. And as a parent, I speak out against these things.

The African American community is faced with a highly implosive form of denial kept in place by blaming everybody else in order to avoid the mirror. These are excuses that keep us from ever getting to and resolving the root of our problems. Sometimes several participants are to blame for our problems, including us – yes us. In the case of Tamir Rice, for example, the police officer is to blame mostly but not solely. The officers were foolish to pull right up to a person they believed to be armed. The dispatch officer is also to blame. However, where were Tamir’s parents? Did they know where he was? Why was he out there in the Rec. Center alone? Why did they allow him to play with toy guns when guns are not toys? Obviously Tamir did not know what to do when the police came but that is all the more reason children should not have toy guns. Why did Tamir allegedly reach for the gun when confronted by police officers? Parents are responsible for our children, pure and simple.

Before you attempt to tear apart this article, sit back and think.

Do I blame a child for doing what some foolish children do? No. Should he be able to play outside? Yes. But knowing what we adults know today, we have to admit there is more to it than that. And if we do not look at all sides of such issues, children like Tamir Rice who were obviously disturbed will slip through the cracks and more incidents will happen.  The times of blindly sending our children outside to play without knowing what they are doing, where they are, who they are with and what they have must END NOW!

Sandra Bland played a major role in her own incarceration for many reasons. If you want to know how she did, email me at for specific details and laws.. That is the law in Texas, like it or not. Latausha Nedd got herself in a jam and that was totally her fault. Samuel Dubose attempted to drive off from the scene while stopped by a police officer. Eric Garner apparently did not understand that he could be detained because he resisted. None of these people should have ended up dead. But that does not mean they did not contribute to the problem. On the other hand, the deputy who threw the girl out of thee chair in school was solely at fault and should be prosecuted. The officers who let Freddie Gray were solely at fault and should go to jail. We need to look at all sides.

Where are our protests, riots and marches when African Americans kill each other at an alarming rate every week? Where is our outrage when our children are incarcerated for things they did and things their parents never stopped them from doing? Where is our outrage when our children are having babies, smoking street weed laced with rat poison, feces and embalming fluid? Where is our anger when our young boys are saggin (niggas spelled backwards) and our young girls are dressing and acting like whores? As a whole, African Americans don’t even seem to be outraged when our girls think they are guys and our boys act like girls. Wake up!

Do we expect more from the police, the school teachers, the “white” man and the government than we do from ourselves?  The African American community expects and accepts too little from ourselves and expects too much from people and governmental systems who or which obviously do not care about us. Maybe that is the problem. And maybe we are afraid of what we see when we look in the mirror. Therefore we find it easier to simply blame it all on somebody else. And before you get mad at me, look in the mirror. I tell police officers the same thing and many of them listen. Are you listening? Wake up!

Staff Writer; Marque-Anthony


12 Responses to “African American Personal Responsibility.”
  1. Jill A Dalton says:

    This article needs to be reprinted now…. 2020
    It is part of the story!!!

  2. Michael Rose says:

    Amazing, even with the bogus caveats (“yes there is a plan to oppress, subjugate and eventually destroy African Americans” < Oh there is? Do tell, I would LOVE to hear about it!!) you still didn't reach them.

    Yes, the problem is obvious. When will Black America face up to it and quit with the blame game?

  3. jdean says:

    Another Uncle-Tom…listening to Nikki Maniaj doesn’t produce hoe-baby mammas…having one does. Then you say Weed is a black problem…and of course the nonexistant monolithic “black community”…while thinking everyone who takes weed is doomed (some genius college kids I know take it). Grand Theft you are one of those maniacs who think violent video games produce mass murderers? Impossible…or the murder should be 300% of what is know. Eric Gardner resisted? So if you resist the cops can kill you? And he is to blame?!

    Marque Anthony you are a troll and a detriment to the community. Nobody likes this article because the black community isn’t monolithic…It never was, and it sure as hell ain’t now.

  4. Daniel Louis hall IV says:

    Damn this was some sambo BS.
    Black people have only had civil rights for 50yrs in america and we are still begging for human rights in 2016.
    Racist white america assassinated ALL of our strong political leaders and neutralized ALL of our effective organizations geared toward black empowerment. The only problems “black” people have are white supremacy and the brown complected agents they use against us. Smh

    it was proven that US government was bring drugs and guns into black communities all while promoting a war on drugs to justify mass incarceration but I guess black people are to blame for that to. Smh 2×

  5. Bobbie Abbott says:

    So where is this case now has it gone to trial?

    It mentioned about children roaming the streets, what is happening in Louisville Kentucky? With the large mobs of youth that are causing unrest?

    Also specifically what has happened to West Market Street in Louisville, it looks like war zone?

  6. Marque Anthony says:

    Thank you Steve for being open-minded, fair and balanced. Please share the link and the article with everybody you know.

  7. Steve says:

    I am glad that I read this article with an open mind because all too often the pathology behind the term “personal responsibility” comes from a place of condemnation. That being said I was delighted to read such a nuanced and balanced approach to a very real problem facing many segments of the black community. You are correct, your analysis is a tough pill to swallow for a lot of people who have grown accustomed to blaming others. While you do not belittle the tragedies that have occurred you do point out some real problems with the methodology. Tough subject but handled very well.

  8. Marque Anthony says:

    Marvin, by the way, my analysis is both sound and verifiable, just as my credentials are. What are your credentials and where does your research come from?

  9. Marque Anthony says:

    Marvin it is simply that people neither like nor want nor are prepared to face these truths so you are very wrong. As for my articles, seminars etc., you must not be familiar with them. I have thousands of people who have liked my writings but they are generally not people like you are not afraid to look in the mirror at themselves.

    The superficial, shallow or people who play the blame game of denial often do not like my articles. And by the way, you should read my other articles as well. I have some of the highest likes on this site and others.

    Maybe you should look in the mirror instead of just trying to shoot down the facts and the truth. You are also wrong about your later assessment. I do not do what I say others are doing, I look at all sides and the validity or inaccuracy of each position. That is called objective balance and you might want to learn that.

    By the way, numerous people often like my articles who do not use Facebook. However I get emails all the time in which they express positive thoughts about my work. Thus you made yet another incorrect assumption. What I write and what I do is changing lives around this country. What are you doing?

  10. marvin austin says:

    Marque Anthony, could it be there are so few likes to your article because not very many people like, or agree with what you’ve written. In essence you’ve done exactly what you accuse others of doing; blame others.

    Some of what you say has plausibility. But you couch in such absolutist terms that it’s an either/or argument, not a both/and discussion.

  11. Marque Anthony says:

    Too many about people with simply prefer to blame anybody else instead of looking in the mirror

  12. Marque Anthony says:

    It does not surprise me that there are not a lot of likes on this article because too many of our people want to shine personal responsibility and accountability. They were Trevor simply blame the police, Blaine the white man, blame the government or anyone else Instead of looking in the mirror. it’s also said that if this article was about entertainment or Beyonce or sports, that would be a ton of liKes. Wake up people

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