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Re-visiting 2015 When President Barack Obama Used the N- word.

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( Early last summer during a WTF podcast interview by Marc Maron, to illustrate a point he was making about racism, President Obama dropped the incendiary n-word (n**ger). As a result of the Charleston church killings, Obama was compelled to address the issue of racism; unfortunately, a maelstrom over his use of the n-word ensued overshadowing anything he had to say about racial matters. It’s most unfortunate that instead of focusing on the president’s message about racism the focus was on a single word and not the message.

As a matter of fact during the course of his presidency, when it has come to the subject of racism, Obama has demonstrated a propensity to shy away from such a tight rope act, and the question needs to be asked did he intentionally use the n-word as a balancing pole to deflect from what should have been the main issue…racial discrimination? If so it worked, for clearly his message about racism was obscured by invoking the n-word.

Crux of the matter is President Obama’s use of the pejorative term went below the dignity of the office going against conventional wisdom. Regardless of context he is the POTUS (Commander and Chief) and must set the proper example of why that word shouldn’t flow from anyone’s mouth regardless of contextual usage. The n-word is vulgarity and profanity of the highest degree and to a lesser degree cannot imagine the President publicly using/saying derogatory terms such as faggot, kike or hymie.

His use of the n-word swept across America quicker than God itself could get the news. Proponents of the term were over joyous to hear about it because as far as they are concern it validates that since an African-American POTUS publicly said the n-word it has to be okay to embrace it and use it as a so-called term of endearment. The continual effort of searching for ways to cast the contemptible n-word in a laudable light only further demonstrates those Black African-Americans who use the term…lack of sensitivity, sense and appreciation of the titanic battles that their ancestors had to overcome. Apathy and excuses are not substitutes for integrity, values and principles.

Obama’s actions embolden CNN’s Don Lemon to hold up a large sign on national TV with the word “N**GER” on it, and ask his audience, “Does this offend you?”

Proper context? Is there a proper context to use the word faggot? the-n-word-2015-nigger-nigga-niggasHard to imagine   Don Lemon holding up such a sign regardless of context. The LGBT community would be all over him like a cheap suit. Lemon would never hold up a sign displaying vulgar words such as f**k, p***y regardless of context the establishment wouldn’t stand for it; or derogatory terms such as kike or hymie, the Jewish community would be outraged.

So how is it that people of color get away with using the vile and vulgar, racist n-word with impunity, regardless of context?   The black community’s high level of tolerance and leniency is the contributing factor for such insolence.

It is morally reprehensible of Black African-Americans to make a mockery of their ascendants’ trials, tribulations, sacrifices and struggles, dehumanization and objectification by shamelessly embracing the n-word, cowardly and selfishly applying the term to music while the black community at large doesn’t raise nary an eyebrow to stop it. It begs the question is there ANYTHING at all that African-Americans consider as sacred ground? No degree of appropriating can rid the evil and immoral n-word of its blood-soaked history. And though President Barack Obama is labeled as a Black African-American, his ancestors have no ties to the African-American Holocaust.

The history of the word n**ger/n**ga shouldn’t be overlooked. The word is so stigmatized that attempts at trying to redefine it insinuates that a 300 year Black/African-American Holocaust never took place—but the fact is, it did. This history would be incomplete and distorted, without reflecting on the genocide of millions of Black African-Americans. With chants of the dreadful n-word ringing in their ears, men, women, AND children—were brutally raped, castrated and/or murdered, mutilated, hanged, sodomized with hot pokers, viciously beaten, boiled and burned alive.

The effects of this genocide, past and present have impacted all areas of Black African-American life; heritage, tradition, culture, self-determination, marriage, identity, rites of passage, and ethics. And yet, shockingly, many misled and misguided young black youth of today consider it an honor and privilege to embrace the infamous n-word. Far too many Black African-Americans have become self-hating, living contradictions of their former, self-respecting, proud selves and in the process anointing the n-word as some kind of a Holy Grail.

This shallow thinking of some Black African-Americans isn’t more evident in their attempts to reclaim a word than their failure to understand that outside of their community the rest of the world see and understand the evil n-word for what it truly stands for, and when non-thinking black folks insist on casting themselves as the vile, immoral racist n-word [a n**ga]—the rest of the world is listening and takes them at their word and look upon the entire black community as such. The barely conscious will argue that there are greater things to worry about than a word, unable to comprehend that the demolition of a people’s image on the world stage should be of grave concern.

The African-American Holocaust is a great American tragedy and the most impacting social event in American history.   Not only in terms of scale but also in terms of legacy and horror. It is a Holocaust which is constantly mitigated, trivialized and more succinctly never acknowledged as a Holocaust. Thus making it possible to miss a pattern of white supremacy, true effects of racism and invaluable clues shedding light as to why the pathologies and social ills of contemporary Black America fester. The ruling class will never admit to a Holocaust—the onus is on African-Americans to somehow summon the intestinal and mental fortitude to overcome an 18th century slave mentality and set the record straight.

Consider the fact since the Proclamation of Emancipation, Black America has and still is being bamboozled and hoodwinked. Though the chains of [chattel] slavery were broken, slavery in of itself actually CONTINUED on for almost another 100 years under the guise of the Convict Leasing System, Peonage and sharecropping. Ascendants of African-Americans were both physically [and] mentally enslaved and as brutal as the physical aspects were, mental enslavement was the worst, and to this very day—albeit maintained in a far more sophiscated manner—has [never] been alleviated.

Academics, music and movie industries, religion, justice system, police harassment/executions, and mainstream news media, are all contributing factors used to maintain white dominance and mind control on an unsuspecting group of people.

In all candor, the contemporary African-American’s use of the offensive n-word—all other mundane explanations are disingenuous—stems from the corruptness of the Holocaust stripping both the enslaved and the slave master of their humanity and dignity extending on into this 21st century and serves as a self-generating, self-refueling psychologically conduit to mental enslavement. As a result, the putrid n-word is firmly embedded in the lexicon of those African-Americans who are psychologically subjected to its influence and use.

Though man can change the definition of a word on a whim, he cannot change the history behind the word for it is indeed STATIC. If by chance someone has the ability by some sort of miracle to obliterate the wrongs done against our ancestors all in the name of the profane n-word, restore life to those dehumanized, objectified, murdered, butchered, slaughtered, honor to the dishonored, property to those who have been wronged and force the scales of human and divine justice to recover their equilibrium then and ONLY then perhaps the n-word can be embraced and used endearingly.

Unless such a task can be accomplish the loathsome n-word will eternally remain to be an immoral [obscenity] no matter whose lips it flows from and their so-called intentions. All Black African-Americans owe this to the sacred and hallowed memories of their ancestry, and thus take to task any of their peers who dare to contemptuously and shamelessly dishonor such memory.

Malcolm X, MLK, Medgar Evers all trying to lead us out of the dark into the light and abruptly silenced is the antithesis of mentally and emotionally-scarred descendants of slavery such as Samuel L. Jackson, Charles Barkley, Kendrick Lamar, Jay Z, Kanye West, Russell Simmons, Don Lemon and some others that serve as servants of darkness. They are empowered by the ruling class to maintain a 400 year old status quo of mental exploitation and suppression, further facilitating the wanton acts of white supremacists from a deep, dark and ugly past.

Their fame and fortune hasn’t come without a very dear and costly price…the selling of their souls. The true wealth of humanity lies within the confine of our minds and consciousness, and when that consciousness becomes impaired we are nothing more than mere slaves and pawns. What good is all the riches in the world if you’ve surrendered your soul to the devil in the process?

The opportunities we and [all] Americans enjoy today have been made possible from the blood, sweat and tears of our ancestors, and for this we should be eternally grateful and not demonstrate disdain by referring to the n-word as some so-called term of endearment. Should you wish to become part of the solution in helping to take back our pride, honor, dignity, self-respect and not be a part of the problem—through self-imposed silence—you are encouraged to become proactive and share this message with others.

Staff Writer; H. Lewis Smith

This talented brother is the founder and president of UVCC, the United Voices for a Common Cause, Inc., author of Bury that Sucka: A Scandalous Love Affair with the N-Word, and the recently released book Undressing the N-word: Revealing the Naked Truth, Lies, Deceit and Mind Games

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