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Latausha Nedd: Activist, Terrorist or Just Foolish

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( If you do not know the name Latausha Nedd (aka Eye Empress Sekhmet), you should and you probably will. Nedd was arrested in September of 2015 in Clayton County, GA after she posted at least two Youtube videos calling for African Americans to take the guns of police officers and kill “crackas”. Like Sandra Bland, Latausha Nedd thought she knew her rights but she didn’t. As of the time this article was written, Nedd sits in the county jail with no bond, charged with Terroristic Threats and Criminal Solicitation. And even though we at the Metro Atlanta Crime Commission Task Force have desperately been producing resource tools and conducting FREE seminars for our communities on knowing your rights, how to handle a police encounter and lawful solutions to police brutality – our people are not getting the information, learning their rights or participating like they need to. WAKE UP PEOPLE! Knowing your rights (as we teach in our seminars) is more important than knowing who won the freakin game. Our lives are on the line and now is the time for wisdom, not placing yourself at unnecessary risk.

If it is still on Youtube, here is the link to one of the videos Latausha Nedd posted:

Here is a news report which shows Nedd stating our community should talk the guns of police officers:

We have Nedd’s first court appearance on video and at about 5 minutes, 52 seconds into it, she states (paraphrase) that she does not understand how she could be arrested for a Youtube video. If she understood the First Amendment limitations, Latausha Nedd would likely be at home right now. But instead, she was taken from her home after U.S. Marshals, a joint terrorism task force and the FBI arrested her.

If it is still online, here is the link to Latausha Nedd’s first court appearance:

This article is about presenting the facts, whether we like them or not – just as I did in the Sandra Bland case. Terroristic threats, hate speech that provokes or incites violence and urging others to commit a crime against any group of people are NOT COVERED BY YOUR FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS. And in this climate of riots and the killing of unarmed African Americans, all such speech is being taken very seriously. We should know this from what happened a while back when a Black Panther urged others to attack Zimmerman after the verdict in the Trayvon martin case (may we never forget). Yet Latausha Nedd, like Samuel Dubose, Sandra Bland and Eric Garner, unfortunately jumped in the lion’s mouth and punched him in the tooth. Not a smart move, not atlatushareed-2015 all. We know that the KKK, Neo-Nazis and other hate groups appear to have gotten away with the same or similar things. But God has not forgotten.

If you cannot find the videos above online, contact us at

Anger must not wipe out the use of wisdom and there are plenty of lawful solutions to fight against police brutality and get results. That is exactly what we teach in our seminars and resource tools, but too many African Americans would rather be angry and foolish in their actions. Latausha Nedd is being called a “domestic terrorist” by some already. And it is highly unusual that a citizen with no violent prior criminal history would be held without bail for the crimes of Terroristic Threats and Criminal Solicitation in Georgia, unless she is a flight risk. But the intensity and swiftness with which she was arrested should show all of us how seriously this matter is being taken. My point is simple, there are better and lawful ways than the way Nedd chose. And you do not have to put yourself at risk in order to get results. She apparently did not understand that. Nor did she realize what was excluded by the First Amendment. Nor did she understand her constitutional right to freedom of speech. These facts are evident by her course of action, like it or not. And Black Lives Matter is walking a tightrope as well with no safety net.

If Georgia decided to bump Nedd’s case up to a federal case (remember the FBI and U.S. Marshals are already involved) and if Nedd was classified as a “domestic terrorist”, her case could fall up under the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). This Act was quietly signed into law by President Obama a few years ago and I suggest you research the NDAA on Youtube or Google. The NDAA authorizes the United States government to hold a terrorist or enemy combatant (even a U.S. citizen) for an unspecified period of time, at an undisclosed location and without trial or attorney.

Many of you may disagree with this article, but facts are facts and I do not create them. Some of you may agree with the approach used by Latausha Nedd, but you see where it got her. I am not taking the side of thee courts nor the police – I am telling you the facts and letting the chips fall where they may in hpes that our people will learn what NOT to do. And if you agree with her approach, you have missed the entire point of this article. The system will work for you if you learn how to use that system skillfully, legally and lawfully You do not have to place yourself at risk, sit in jail or be made an example of like Latausha Nedd. Learn how to fight oppression lawfully. The system you fight against is like a trillion dollar bill – it takes on the character of those who have the knowledge and skill to use it effectively and lawfully to get results. Technology can find you easily. Don’t make the threats.

The courts and law enforcement have a vested interest in using Latausha Nedd as an example to others as a message of what not to do. This means that Nedd is likely going to carry the weight of that burden as well. And the “legal” system is not afraid of riots or protests because Latausha Nedd incriminated herself. Nedd thus did not understand her 5th amendment right not to incriminate herself. What has she accomplished? But what do you understand and what will you do to fight against oppression? Latausha Nedd is likely not a terrorist but she placed herself in the limelight where she can be labeled one. Is she angry? If course, many of our people are and they have a reason to be. Is she an activist? Maybe but not a wise one if this is how she leads. Is she a fool? The answer to that depends on who you ask. Latausha keep your head up but know there is a better and smarter way. King didn’t use a gun.

Contact us at for resource information, the Free Ebook on Police Brutality or to schedule a free seminar in your area. And remember, because of their oaths, mandates and the scope of their duties, there are many things police officers and attorneys cannot and will not tell you. But whatever you do, use wisdom in your approach and do not place yourself unnecessarily at risk.

Staff Writer; Marque-Anthony




11 Responses to “Latausha Nedd: Activist, Terrorist or Just Foolish”
  1. U.N. Owen says:

    ‘Freedom of speech’ does NOT mean one can say ‘whatever’ they want.

    One is NOT free to make threats of bodily harm against ANYONE. PERIOD.

    Also, one can’t go into a movie theatre and scream ‘fire.’

    You WILL get arrested, plain and simple.

    The problem seems to be not understanding that along with ‘rights’ also comes RESPONSIBILITIES.

  2. QTipXYZ says:

    Sandra Bland committed suicide. She is burning in hell with all the others who commit suicide.

    Get over yourselves already. No lives matter.

  3. De-Rattoo Monger says:

    The criminal prosecution of Latausha Nedd is wrong. Although I very strongly disagree with Latausha’s threats to kill Cops and Crackers, I believe she has a right to speak her mind on a video, providing she takes no direct action to carry out her threats.

    Similarly, it should not be illegal to threaten a president, or any political candidate or office holder, with an ax to the forehead, a lynching and hanging, or 12 gauge discharged up the ass, etc., providing there is no act to carry out the verbal threat.

    My position is consistent with the ongoing, widespread campaign to repeal 18 U.S. Code § 871 and similar laws. (Threats against President, et al.)

  4. Marque Anthony says:

    To Robert and X and Aristotle:
    I notice you did not mention the free ebook I created on Police Brutality. Where are your materials developed to help our people? Neither did you even order it. You are slaves who offer nothing but denial and the white man loves people like you.

  5. Marque Anthony says:

    Aristotle you are in denial. The evidence is on video tape where Nedd incriminated herself. The evidence is obvious yet you defend breaking the law so maybe you should be sitting in jail with her. If you don’t like the law, change it. But if you go against it, you are throwing yourself in the Lion’s mouth and when he bites you, don’t complain. Why? because you opened the door that gave the lion access to you.

    To X: You are another one in denial and the facts are the facts, like them or not. If you battle the way Nedd did or Bland did, your result will likely be thee same. Wise up and wake up.

    To Robert Jordan, stop judging every officer unless you want all black people to be stereotyped. You are really clueless. There are many good police officers as well. Do you know what chaos would exist if there were no officers? Wake up.

    Its sad how many people are angry but have no plan to fix anything. To the people I have responded to, I guarantee I have done more to help African Americans than the three of you put together. I see no articles from you. All I hear is slave minded people who walk in denial of personal responsibility and accountability. WAKE UP. Don’t be a slave.

  6. Zasha says:

    Bottom line we are all here together like it or not. Bottom line we ALL need to pay attention to all forms of racism whether it’s black on white, white on black or anybody on anybody. You can’t fight racism by being a racist. You can’t yell racism then say, don’t date that white girl, can’t be friends with that Mexican etc. Take the plank out of your own eye before taking it out of others. Emotions are high but when you say as an example, kill all white people. Who is white then? What about Hispanics and middle eastern people who can pass for white? You gonna kill them? What about all the races that have been marching in support of the black community, do they deserve death? If you start acting and talking like the racists in this world, regardless of what race they may look like, you become like those u hate. You lose the righteousness of your claim.

  7. lolollolo says:

    I can tell she is going to be somoenes cell girl on the inside.

  8. Aristotles says:

    Almost none of the real evidence against Nedd will ever be seen by such as the writer of the article. His opinion is based more on his own politics than upon any assessment of facts. The public really doesn’t have “a right to know”, and isn’t being granted information which could jeopardize national security. These cases are never as shallow they seem in a news story.

  9. @ X
    REMEMBER the author of this article is a “punk cop” who doesn’t have the fortitude to start his own website, so he has to ride the back of another man because he know’s he could never make it on his own!

  10. X says:

    This article is complete bullshit and is extremely disrespectful for mentioning Sam Dubose, Eric Garner and Sandra Bland in the manner that it did! All of those who are dead and were killed for no apparent reason; who posed no actual threat to law enforcement ! How do they even compare to the case of Latausha Nedd?! And then to proceed to say Dr. King did not carry a gun! Whatever! How about mentioning that the U.S. Government was found guilty for the assassination of Dr. King. It’s chess, not checkers! If Nedd advocates self defense, then that’s on her! However, the way she went about it and the platform she used was not a good move. But this article, BULLSHIT. & it’s so disrespectful to the efforts Black people are attempting to make while being slaughtered, brutalized, harassed, demonized by media outlets and labeled savage. Same tactics, different generation. Smh.

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