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Survival of the fittest.

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( When people use the term survival of the fittest it is usually is associated with having to deal with situations that are dangerous, adventurous or in many cases fighting for your existence.

We all have the survival instinct whether it’s through the Holy Spirit, Allah, Jah, Jehovah or whomever you choose to worship. We all understand and know on some level it exists.   We have the natural or God given right to defend and protect ourselves and those we love against any threat that we may see coming, feel coming or assume is coming. However; in so many cases people ignore what they feel and walk into the eminent impending danger and unfortunately the situation well, unfolds right in front of you and at that very moment you are rendered powerless against it.

It’s the same with relationships; you know when someone or something is just not for you but you still do it, whether it’s a buddy, an extra marital or even a long term when it isn’t for you it just isn’t. What plaques me often and I have to ask this question is why in

particular do women keep on trying? Leave these folk alone who mean you no good, don’t want to be with you “like that” and want to see you on their terms. Is it not obvious that they have their own agenda and you are not a part of it?

I personally believe in setting my own standards, no man on this earth can make me feel inferior to their behavior. I just can’t have that. After twenty-years of marriage and divorce I’ve learned a lot about what to give, take and not tolerate. I believe that I am a queen, a goddess put on this earth by God himself to have a positive impact in someone’s life and I live by that. Whether I like you or not, I love me even more and loving me can’t be compared to how much a man or woman tells me they do. God ultimately, second to that of my momma, loves me more.

I think when you dumb yourself down to allow someone to feed you a bone like Fido and you reach for it they got you. I refuse to allow anyone to throw scraps my way and have it cut me like shrapnel because I’m not what you wanted but I will do in the time being. However; if I and I will emphasize the word I choose to play this game of cat and mouse with you it’s because my desires are peaking and I need a fix, at any given time I will walk away if the heat gets to be overwhelming and I feel like you are thinking that you’re going to play me. I come to win, loosing is never an option for me, I’m standing at the helm because I’ve been to the bottom and refuse to go there again.

I am regal in my eyes, I am superior in my eyes, my choices are few and far in between and you have to come to me and be accepted by me in order to be in MY life, and if for some reason you don’t choose me than that is absolutely your problem because believe me, there is someone in the wind just waiting to have a confident, intelligent, fabulous black woman on their arms to show off. I aspire to be the best and I expect to be treated that way.

And these are just Thoughts from a Sista…

Carry on……

Staff Writer; Nicole C.

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