No More Tithes: The Whole Truth.

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( Yes you heard right when you read the title of this article. And this article is about to tackle the topic most twisted in the Christian church of today. I am going to tell you exactly what the scriptures say, not an interpretation and not what many pastors are saying. There is and has been a deliberate cover up in many churches around this country, a cover up that has allowed them to place the weight of the Old Covenant Law upon your head by using tithe doctrine that was never for Christians. It’s not a matter of what you think, what I think or what your pastor said. It’s about what God said and rightly diving the Word of Truth so we can rightly apply it.

Over ten years ago I researched every scripture in the entire Bible regarding the tithe. I looked at the context, who was being spoken to, the original Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek terminology – the original languages of the Bible. I wrote a book elaborating on my findings as a matter of fact, not interpretation or unique revelation. The book went coast to coast around this country but many bookstores and pastors tried to suppress the truth. Pastors needed to buy their jets, build their sanctuaries and control the minds of the people. But they could not hold the truth locked in unrighteousness and many of the people who tried to do so were those who never even read the book. Bookstores hid the hard copy book in bottom Tithing-PeopleBlackbook shelves or in back rooms. They told people the author was deceased and the book was no longer in print. They wanted to keep the lie, the error and even the deception in place. Even if what I said was true, they did not want you to know it. But now you are about to.

There is nothing in the entire Bible that commands New Covenant Christians to pay nor give tithes. Oh no there isn’t. Now I know right about now your mind is recalling all the verses pastor quoted. You are wondering how so many people could think and do something if it is wrong. You are thinking I am in error or deceived. But you are about to read the proof, the hard evidence and I will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that THE BIBLE DOES NOT COMMAND CHRISTIANS TO PAY TITHES NOR TO GIVE TITHES. A misuse or abuse of scripture has taught error or deception to millions of people.

The deception used on you has been a skillful twisting of Malachi 3, the last book of the Old Testament and under the Old Covenant. Malachi was speaking to the nation of Israel, the 12 tribes. But you are not a Jew, you are a Gentile. The book of Romans, specifically chapters 6 and 7, explains clearly that you are under a different covenant, not under the Old Covenant Law. If you read Malachi 3:9, you will see the curse was upon “this whole nation” What nation? The nation of Israel under the law at that time and required to pay tithes. Look at Leviticus 27:1 and you will see God is giving specific instructions to the nation of Israel, again Old Covenant Jews – not Gentile New Covenant Christians. And in Leviticus 27:30 you will see GOD define what the tithe must be – from the fruit of the tree, the seed of the land or the cattle or the herd. Which brings me to my next point.

God defines what the tithe is, not man. GOD NEVER DEFINED THE TITHE AS MONEY – MEN DID! But before you say “they had to use cattle and grain etc. back then because they didn’t have money”, let’s look at the facts. They had money. The Jewish people had the shekel and the drachma, both money. The MONEYCHANGERS were changing money out for cheap sacrifices in the temple. Jesus had a treasury bag with money in it and Judas was stealing money from the bag. It sounds correct to say they didn’t have money back then but that is just not true. And they were never commanded to pay money as a tithe.

So how did pastors twist Malachi 3 to sound so convincing? They quoted that you were “cursed with a curse” and stopped short of where the Bible said who it was speaking to. “This whole nation” did not include Christians, it did not include you.

I cannot give you all the evidence in one article, especially when you have heard and maybe even believed the lie, the error or the deception for so long. And if your pastor said you should pay or give a tithe, he or she is wrong! Let God be true and every man a liar (Romans 3:4). If you refuse to accept this truth or even to read the free Ebook, you want to stay deceived and you want people to keep thinking for you. But you are commanded by God to study for yourself and rightly divide the Word of God.

Here are a few highlights I cover thoroughly in my book free to you. (NO PASTOR HAS EVER BEEEN ABLE TO DISPROVE MY BOOK)

Nowhere In Scripture Did The Apostles Pay or Collect Tithes

Christ Did Not Command Us To Pay Tithes

Paying Tithes and Giving Tithes Are Not The Same Thing (Command vs Choice)

Abraham Did Not Pay Tithes – Abram Did

Abram’s Tithe Was Not From His Wealth (Genesis 14)

Malachi 3 Is Old Testament and Old Covenant

Why The Word “Tithing” Is Man’s Deception

Christ Fulfilling The Law Releases You From The Tithe Requirement of the Law

Jacob Was Neither Commanded To Pay Tithes Nor To Give Tithes (Genesis 28)

New Testament References To The Tithe Are Old Covenant

The New Covenant Guidelines For Giving (Luke 6:38, II Corinthians 9:6-7 etc.)

Who Was Actually Commanded To Pay Tithes (Malachi 3)

Why The Tithe Was Never Money (Leviticus 27)

Why You Did Not Spot The Deceptions of Today

What To Do Now That You Know The Truth

I am making the entire Ebook available to you FREE of charge. Simply send an email request to It is easy reading and full of the Bible verses used accurately and properly in context. No pastor has ever been able to contact me and disprove the facts in the book. I do not want any money, I just want you out of bondage and knowing the truth. I have spoken to thousands of people about this topic and I have seen the weight of lies, errors and deception fall from over their heads. You will not be cursed with a curse because you have been redeemed from the curse of the law (Galatians 3:13). You do not have to decide whether to pay your rent or pay your tithe. You do not have to give a tithe then go pray about where the money will come from to pay your bills.

The New Covenant provides guidelines for giving and these guidelines do not place you in bondage. The truth will set you free. You may say “Christ did not come to do away with the law” and that is true. But it is not binding on you because you are under a new and better covenant built on better promises (Hebrews 8:7-12, Romans chapters 6-7). When you share this truth with people, expect them to walk away without ever looking at the Biblical evidence. They will become angry, think you are deceived or walk away because many people find it easier to let someone think for them than to study to show themselves approved as the Bible commands. And finally, here is the million dollar question. If your pastor has taught “tithing” in error or deliberately, what else do you need to examine in his or her understanding of Biblical doctrine?

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Staff Writer; Marque-Anthony