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DEMOCRATIC AND REPUBLICAN PARTIES: Two Sides of the Same Deceptive Coin.

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( We need to know that Republican and Democratic parties are two sides of the same coin with different ways to use the middle and lower economic class. I am an African-American conservative, neither a democrat nor a republican. I voted for President Obama the first time because he was a better candidate than John McCain, he had better character and a plan. John McCain had none. I voted for President Obama the second time because he was a better choice than Mitt Romney and the country as a whole agreed. People really needed to listen to Ron Paul but the mainstream blue and red don’t want to hear him.

I was involved in the Jesse Jackson campaign, I knew Ron Brown and I was on the delegate floor in Atlanta. That is when I learned that both political parties are two sides of the same deceptive coin. I watched every single republican debate during both elections and we need to wake up. Republicans we cannot afford to be the world’s police force and bully every country that does not do things our way. And democrats, your party was comprised of slave owners in the deep south. Neither Martin Luther King Jr. nor Frederick Douglass were democrats for good reason. See for yourself and know what these parties really stand for. Gotta do your homework.

Our country forces democracy down the throats of other countries under the assumption that what we do is best for them. But ironically, we do not even have a democracy. We are a democrat republic as indicated in our pledge which says in part “and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands“. We have borders to close, people to feed, programs to fund, crime to reduce and infrastructure to build in this country. OK so called Christian nation, charity begins at home.

A president must have strength but also wisdom, discretion and diplomacy. He must build relationships. He cannot afford to offend people, religions or groups like some of you want him to. We also cannot change an ideology of a country or a people with missiles, drones and smart bombs.2015democrats-republicans

I told African-Americans this about Bush and I say it to white Americans about Obama. The majority of the country elected this man. You don’t have to like him or agree with him, but respect the office he holds and the good things he has done. Democrats before you scream about how President Obama is being disrespected, how did you speak about Bush? On the other hand, the republicans are tearing down the Affordable Care Act but REPUBLICANS WHERE IS YOUR PLAN? And where was your plan when President Obama launched the same plan Hillary tried to push through using President Clinton over a decade ago?

In President Obama’s case, the economy is rebounding, the housing market is rebounding and he is pushing for a strong defense, not one that bullies other countries or goes to war at the drop of a hat. Republicans need to understand that you cannot bully these militant/extremist/fundamentalist people who are not afraid to die, who believe there are rewards for dying, who are prepared to die and who are willing to take us with them.

Terrorists are not after us for because they hate our way of life. That’s propaganda nonsense. But when Americans go along with killing terrorists without trial or shutting down an entire airport because someone ran past a checkpoint, our mindsets have been adversely affected. So called “Terrorists” are after us because we have a military base or embassy in over 130 countries around the world, because we are in everybody’s business when it suits our agenda, We citizens live in a bubble of denial and some of the so-called terrorists were once on the American payroll, meeting with our elected officials or educated right here in the USA. Scary and ironic. They know our country is based on capitalism and imperialism while headed towards socialism. And yes President Obama appears to be following the socialist playbook. But he is a President, not a King. And he does not hold all the power. He answers to others who are a lot more powerful and our country’s agenda is not largely set by him. Enough said on that.

For some of you, anything our President says will offend you. You are quick to blame him but slow to give him credit when something he put in place works. I do not agree with many of the things he has done but accountability and animosity are two completely different things. Many of you are offended at what he does because you are offended by him, be honest. But offense won’t win the presidency, a sound, solid plan put forth by a qualified candidate will. And Republicans if you think a good strategy is to blame everything on the “black” man so it will be a long, long time before we have another one, you are focusing on the wrong thing as an agenda. Concentrate on the issues and respect the President this country elected TWICE. Stop the scapegoating smokescreens just because you have no real plans that will change anything. And if a democrat won TWICE, apparently the Republican strategy is NOT working.

My solution is simple. Just as George Washington eluded to in a speech long ago, get rid of partisan party titles and the parties period. Let people stand for what they believe in, not just because they have to stand with their political party. There is nothing in our constitution that I have read which requires either party. The congressmen and senators are supposed to be voting for and pushing the agendas of the people, not the agendas of the party. When we vote based on color or party, we have to realize the disadvantages and weigh our votes against our core beliefs.

As a person who was once inside the democratic party, I must say it is the most immoral party I know of. The republicans don’t want to share anything and the democrats want to give out food stamps, welfare and WIC to make the people dependent on government. We are sentenced to determining the lesser of two evils and this article barely scratches the surface.

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Staff Writer; Marque-Anthony


4 Responses to “DEMOCRATIC AND REPUBLICAN PARTIES: Two Sides of the Same Deceptive Coin.”
  1. JoeM says:

    It’s amazing how easily fooled people can be today. In politics, there are always two predominate parties. Each are a side of the same coin. It’s a song and dance routine that moves a ball back and forth between divided groups of people in order to shove agendas forward. This is usually accomplished by sucking the wisdom out of a culture to replace it with something purely synthetic and false. Logic, as it has always been, will look to the past to find wisdom. Heritage. Because regardless of what you may agree or disagree with in this world, there is always wisdom to be found from previous generations. Thousands of years is a lot of time. If an idea remains embedded in a culture for thousands of years, you can bet it’s worth protecting. It is the wisdom that maintains the status quo.

    Hence the reason why there have always been taboos. But look at today. Taboos being broken. Anything goes. People are being led into becoming conceited and pretentious. Thus, they are finding no value in wisdom of the past. Fools they are. They are now believing that wisdom becomes outdated and can only be found in “new and improved” ideas, like technology. It’s pretty idiotic. People didn’t think this way 30 years ago so much. But today, WOW, they are really stupid. Politics is a scheme to make you all dumber than a box of rocks. Obama. Bush. Who cares. They are all crooks. Wearing the same shoes. Stinking up the same chair.

    You’ve been duped. And unless you wake up and smell the TRUTH, you will be a fool tomorrow and the next day. Any agenda of today that contradicts thousands of years of status quo is a bad idea that will lead us all straight off a cliff.

  2. hoodgirl says:

    Romney’s plan is under MA not the entire USA which is the language of the ACA law “state subsidies” and the reason why Obamacare is being challenged in the Supreme Court.

    The Affordable Care Act “Obamacare” was written as a State Healthcare Exchange where the Federal Government assumed that ALL states would comply with adding everyone to its roll which did not occur resulting in the governent offering “federal subsidies” when states opted out of the Healthcare Exchanges which appears to be in violation of the Federal Government’s own ACA “Obamacare” law.

  3. Marque-Anthony says:

    They didn’t avoid the fact that Romney out his plan in place, they just want us to forget it. But when Pres. Obama ran against Romney, he brought out the fact that he used Romney’s plan as a blueprint.

    What we have to understand is that both parties are just like the defense attorney and the prosecutor. They fight it out in court then turn around and laugh at the client or the victim. This is not true of all attorneys of course, but I have seen it with many. My point is that they are not against each other. It is a fake fight in order to distract thee American public.

    Each president runs up the debt, each president selects who he will help and who he will hinder. Each president declares a war on somebody or proclaims some group has declared war on us.

    This country’s political agenda and foreign policy menu boards are not set by the president. That is an illusion.

  4. Steve says:

    I have yet to figure out how the Republicans have completely avoided the fact that one of their own, Mitt Romney, put into law a single payer health care system in Massachusetts AND that this was basically the blueprint for the Affordable Healthcare Act.
    What both parties realize is that the average American has the intellectual capacity of a fourth grader. This is helpful when over-the-top rhetoric that is based on outright lies is force-fed to the masses. Plus discord is the greatest way to solicit money.
    Great article.

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